book worm

Calmness is a human's super power. The ability to not over react or take things personally keeps your mind clear and your heart at peace

"You need only one ray of light to chase all shadow away"

ફરી લાગણી આજે રાજી થઈ ગઈ ઝખમ ની ગઝલ એક તાજી થઈ ગઈ!
નથી વાહ વાહ અમસ્તી મળી ઘણાં યે દર્દ ની હરાજી થઈ ગઈ!

Tum khayal banke aana,
Me tumhe apni kahani bana lungi,
Bas thodi der thaher jana,
Me apni zindgi savar dungi....

Tum Ittar banke aana,
Me apne aap me tumko sama lungi,
Bas meri sanso me ghul jana,
Me apni sari khwaishe mita dungi...


*If we think positively,*
*Sound will become Music,*
*Movement will become Dance,*
*Smile will become Laughter,*
*Mind will become Meditation and*