Former sr. scientist, centl. govt. R&D lab. Achievements: 150 papers, 7 books (UK-1, USA-6), 320 poems (Traffold, USA-1,, AMZ 5 ebooks, several awards/certificates, 2 gold medals, one technology shield. Have B.E., M.E., Ph.D. in EE. Was emeritus professor-RIT college, consultant in Aerospace dept., IISc., Bangalore, Sr. R&D advisor-Gov. Engg. College, Kannur, Guided 11 students for Ph.D's. Is in the Stanford Univesity's list as one of top 2 percent researchers in the world for 2019.

A man lamenting:

If my son cries, my heart pains,
If my neighbour's son cries, I get headache,

If my wife cries, I get headache,
But, if my neighbour's wife cries, then my heart pains.
Based on popular parables/sayings/stories in Hindi language.

An artist lover of the Taj Mahal:
I want to build a Tajmahal, a new Tajmahal,...
A passers by: build it, who is preventing you?
L: I need Mumtaj for that.
A: Oh, I see.
L: Then, only can I build it.
A: I will talk to the 'God', and he would help you out.
L: That is good.
God sent Mumtaj to him.
Still he was unhappy, and kept roaming saying: I want to build tajmahal,...
A: Now, what is your problem, you got the Mumtaj with you?
L: She is not getting married to me!
A again approached God, who then got Mumtaj married to the Lover.

Again he started roaming in the streets and still was unhappy: I want to build tajmahal, new tajmahal, and yet not able to do that.

A: Oh, my now what is your problem?
L: Still I am not able to build the tajmahal.
A: Why?
Lover: Because Mumtaj marati nahi hai.
Based on popular sayings/stories in Hindi language.

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If you have athletic strength, it is not for throwing away a weak-bodied person.

If you have political power and prowess, it not for exploiting the innocent citizens.

If you have high status in the society, it is not for showing, others are lower than you.

Major Praveensinh Pratapsinh Raol, popularly known as major PPRaol, or even kakaashree expired just a few days back, and left a huge gap in the very strong stucture of our Mansa Rajput Bhayat Samaj.

He was a vibrant, very sincere professor, and a great educationist of our Samaj.

He always carried a smile on his face, was always ready to help needy, and was a very active, president or a memeber of the society. He offered immense service to the society and at the heart he was a humanitarian as well as a social reformer.

Whenever we went to Mansa from Vijapur, my father and I would make it sure to meet him. My father and he would talk on social issues, and history of our community.

He was sort of a historian, and then he penned a book on the history of chavada vansh.

With all his talents, his intellectual prowess, and achievemements, he was at a core a very simple human being, and socially very sensitive person, and a tremendous source of enthusiasm.

He looked always calm, and he had a peculiar charm on his face, and often he was very humourus.

The society has lost a great person, and very committed and honest leader in him, by his passing away.

May almighty give lot of extra strength and spirit to his family members to bear this monumental loss.

I will certainly miss him as my 'kakaa',
and very good friend.

May his soul rest in peace.

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Shreeman Vijaysinh Amarsinh Raol, of Mansa, (Gujarat) expired a week ago from Covid19.

He was an extraordinarily a great human being, and was one of the strong pillars our Mansa Rajput Bhayat Samaaj.

He was crisis solver, and always present, if called even at a short notice. He will provide and arrange for any vehicle required for the emergency situation, without worrying of any burdon on his pocket.

He was a great humantarian, and socially very sensible person with lot of common sense and agility to solve the problem at hand in minimum time with minimum effort.

He was greatly respected by all the members of our Samaaj.

We will really miss him.

May almighty give his family members extra strength to bear the untimely loss.

May his soul rest in peace.

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Before coming out of the house, atleast think once, what is a big necessity and compulsion that is greater than the life.

We can not afford to be far away from the nature. We do need progress, but any such achievemements that separate us from the nature, are in the long run detrimental to our peaceful existence.

If we remain connected with the nature, then we can enjoy the benefits of it as well as our progress. A good balance of this connection with the environment, and our progress is a key to our fruitful and peaceful existence on this planet.

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You must learn to be alert in everything, and every moment, if you want to be a very successful person in your life. There is no escape for the humans from this type of requirements.

If you watch nature channels, you will learn lot from them about our own lives.

We still need to learn lot from the animals, even though we are a higher level of species.

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Most men are always ready to give advices and guidance, this is primarily built in their natures, main point is that they are forewarning their fellow beings so that they are careful and successful. Also, they are passing on the learning from their own experiences.

The nature has a duality, that in the evolution you can live upto the age you are able to manage, for that you have so many options, beyond that you start deteriorating, and vanish in the same nature.

You are helped and supported, but a time will come you have to say goodbye.

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Many years ago, when I was studying in one unique and famous University, in one of the top industrial states of the country, certain college teachers used to punish the faulting and erring students by straight away slapping them on their faces in the presence of all the other students who all were sitting there and writing their answers for the examination papers.

The fault was that he was suspected of copying, which might be doubtful with 50-50 % probability. Such students were debarred from the examinations, and what more further that I don't know. This was terrible, demoralizing, and even inhuman; but since I was a junior teaching assistant, and these teachers were senior and regulars, I didn't have any courage to tell anything to them, besides I had to take some instructions from them, since I was pursuing my M.E. degree.
In McMaster University, Canada, where I was pursuing my PhD, and during exams, I used to be an invigilator, we were told that, if a student is suspected of copying, he/she should fill up a small form, and it should be signed by both the student and the invigilator, and the form should be handed over to the exam coordinator, and the student will be allowed to continue with writing the paper.

Then the coordinator will put the form alongwith the bundle of the answer books of that paper, seal and this packet would be handed over to the setter of that paper, who while correcting the answer book of that particular faulting student, would read the signed form and take the decision on what marks to give to that student.

Thus, such erring students are not overly penalized, but they are warned.

This is really a far more honourable manner of treating the students, and greatly democratic procedure rather than the invigilator slapping the students, a horrible situation in the entire exam hall wherein the other students are disturbed. And that too in an another democratic country.

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