i write my heart, on paper as the first person I meet

#born to grow
The shy green leaf looks out
from a opening of a whitewashed screen.
On perceiving a sizeable orb ,
it cannot surmise the size of it's evergreen
on which she sits .

The evergreen had been small for so long ,
and she's just born .
Will she be ever grow up the world she perceives ?
Will the mother nature,
would let her grow the size of other old blades she see's ?

You are born to grow ,
the world tweets the little shy leaf .
It is the right of a life that lives ,
wherever she would see .

A small leaf would grow into a big blade ,
and be a part of trees shade .
Soon the weather would change ,
and so do it's colour ,
then it would dry up and
mix with mother earth.

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# आलम दुनिया का

#इश्क में मदहोश

# इंद्रधनुष के सात रंगों से मैंने .....

#A night without darkness
A night without darkness ,
let me travel to Svalbard .
Where sun shines twenty four hours of time .
The northern lights smiles ,
spreading its radiance all time .

No time to stop , lets just rejoice
Illustrating one's life on the canvas of nature all while .
As the cosmos spreads its aura on both flora and fauna
as they spin in the breeze of spring as the sun never demise .

Hiking on snow covered cliffs, and falling like ice ,
as the sun never sets we can rejoice.
No break , on the outbreak of moon's time ,
as the cestelials sleep hear all the time.

Let's swim in the hot spring and
transform into a fish for a while .
Farm on the green field and sink in them for a while .
Peep in the wild life's ,
and seek for a new life beyond our eyes .
We can live are dreams hear as
the sun never dies.

A night where their is no aloofness
as sleep doesn't creep in our eyes .
The radiance of the sun spreads
happiness all the while.

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# सपनों की उड़ान

# अच्छा लगता है