Hey, I am on Matrubharti! Mother of two, I can get through. Recently found my passion, passion for words, l try to draw rainbow on my own way. follow me after read.. Now published writer as a co author in various anthologies.if my words deserves... follow me.on pratilipi @wingsenslaved /ig @wingsenslaved for my erotica writups

Not to worry about the future
wt is yet to come
but some how it knocks on my door
my mind starts to think beyond
the fragile boundaries of present n future
of the certainty and so uncertainty of the consequences

As if the larva becoming a beautiful butterfly
I feel opening my shimmery tiny wings
fluttering, singing in the new life rhythm
Still I wish to be in that cherished cage..
As if I am in my mothers womb
Was so calming, nurishing, nurturing,protecting me from any unhapening shock, traumatic conditions
Please let me be in
Please let me be home
Please take me back in that cherished cage
In your womb again!
I miss it from the first breathe ,
From the first step
From the first lap

Nothing could replace it Maa
What you have had provided me in that nine months time!
Which makes me standing still
So strong.
Against all those obstacles
Against all those distractions

You are the one
I will crave it till my last breathe
-wings ❤️

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storyteller: Rydham
Gujrati story : sinh Ane chor
God bless my little angel
hope you all like it.

my little lion cub in the den🦁!
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