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Published On : 28-Apr-2019 09:00am


Hello Friends, Finally its here! Presenting 'Terrific Gujarati' our new Hip Hop Rap song. Check here the official video here:
The video celebrates the 'Younique' initiative to connect the 'You'th to the essence of being a Gujarati in a way that they can best relate to. And what better occasion then Gujarat Foundation Day to remind us all how terrific, unique, fantastic, patriotic and enthusiastic Gujaratis are globally. This rap is fresh, fun and first if its kind. Written by Shyamal Munshi and sung by Shyamal Munshi, Hiral Brhambhatt and chorus, it will instill a sense of immense pride in us Gujaratis and motivate us to further march towards excellence.
If you like our rap song, do like, download and share with every proud Gujarati you know.


Salam Salam videos on Matrubharti
Salam Salam 4 year ago


Rohit Suthar videos on Matrubharti
Rohit Suthar 4 year ago

Its really awesome... gujarati rap

Kinjal Dipesh Pandya videos on Matrubharti
Kinjal Dipesh Pandya Matrubharti Verified 4 year ago


Bindiya videos on Matrubharti
Bindiya Matrubharti Verified 4 year ago

it's really awesome .. by shyamal munshi ♥️

Bhavna Vyas videos on Matrubharti
Bhavna Vyas 4 year ago


Mokariya Bhavesh videos on Matrubharti
Mokariya Bhavesh 4 year ago

it's different ?

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