Udaan The Wings Of Talent, Folk on 18-Oct-2018 05:38pm | Matrubharti | Folk Video

Published On : 18-Oct-2018 05:38pm
(Singing 3 Garba together)

singing category_record created in India Book of Records and world records of india_555 people doing Garba with singing together for 15 mins_Lead Singing by Janki Trivedi from Udaan the wings of Talent with just Dholak, Harmonium, Manjira and Khanjari


Udaan The Wings Of Talent 10 month ago

video ni file heavy hati. etle resolution clear nathi. pan khas singing category ni competition mate mukyo che kemk avaaj clear che

Mahendra Sharma 10 month ago

ક્લિયર નથી વિડીયો

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