Spoiled Daughter | Women Health

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So let me ask you this question.. Should one judge a Women based on a disturbance in her menstruation cycle? (In my opinion, no one should judge anyone) Reality is... Due to some senseless social taboos prevailing in the society since ages, women fail to seek the right advice which can help prevent a lot of suffering and resolve their health issue. For instance: Most of the time it is seen that due to shyness and fear of parents, relatives, society; women fail to express their real problems. At this point, we have to ask a simple question.. is it possible to change the scenario? And answer is YES. And here's some great news.. ..this film not just encourages women to share their problems but also recommends them the to use a trustworthy online platform where they can discuss their issues with the experts without disclosing their identity and get the much needed guidance to prevent their physical and emotional suffering.

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