Majestic Ring | Ancient Wisdom

Short Films, Motivational | Hindi

Student question teacher's clothing style. Teacher's answer changes student's way of thinking forever. How He Teachers? This Ancient Wisdom Based Short Movie will transform people from from self denial to self acceptance. It will lead you to inner beauty from outer crudeness. It is about celebrating Originality when we are surrounded by orthodox people. It is about removing darkness of ignorance and lighting up wisdom. It is about turning complexity into simplicity. It is about respecting each individual based on their inner qualities. It is about reflecting on event with deep thinking. It is about moving from physicality to spirituality. Such a era is captured in literature and movies like Lord Of The Rings, BahuBali, Mahabharata, Gladiator. People who belong to such a golden era includes Aristotle, Socrates, Plato. This movie revisit forgotton Gurukul Parampara that used to focus more on value teaching and character building.

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