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The Blessed Child
by Bhumi Prajapati
  • 486

*The Conception *It was early in 1989 that she found out that she was pregnant, for the 4th time, already having 2 female children and a male child. There ...

North East West South talkies
by Gowri
  • 60

After my post graduation, a Nair boy from Palakkad came to see me who was said to be working in Dubai as an engineer on contract.His parents looked very ...

Self Reliant Faithful Soul
by Hemakshi Thakkar
  • (18)
  • 900

 Self Reliant Faithful Soul                       This is a story of a teacher who  teaches in a school and lives in a town ...

Our Imperfect Marriage - 16 - Marriage.
by Heena Solanki
  • (11)
  • 486

Today when I am sitting near the window everything seems different. It's been 5 years of Our marriage. We love, We fight, we care, we argue. Every day felt ...

કાચિંડા ના બદલાતા રંગ
by Ashwin Rawal
  • 240

  કાચિંડા ના બદલાતા રંગ ( આ વાર્તા ઉત્તર ગુજરાતના એક ગામડાનું  સત્ય દર્શન  છે. લેખકના પોતાના બાળપણના સંસ્મરણો છે. કાચિંડાની જેમ રંગ બદલતા લોક માનસનું  આ પ્રતિબિંબ છે. પાત્રોના ...

by Sarangirethick
  • 168

Nagalakshmi  She was an enchanting beauty, the princess of Naga world. She is also the daughter of Prajapati. Amidst the foliage of that dense forest, the beauty of the ...

सहजीवनातील वास्तव
by Manjusha Deshpande
  • 306

         “ भाईकाका, मला तुझ्याशी काहीतरी महत्वाचे बोलायचे आहे. कधी भेटशील सांग.” इराच्या आवाजाच्या पातळीवरून मामला काहीतरी गंभीर दिसतोय याचा अंदाज भाईकाकांना आला. तरीही आपल्या नेहमीच्या मिश्किल ...

it's a trap - 2
by Divyansh Nawal
  • 384

Simran was tied on the chair, with punctured nose. In her unconscious state, her lips were saying mercy.  She knew her end was near, her eyes were wet, there ...

by किशनलाल शर्मा
  • 144

Identity--------------"Name?""Mother""Gender?""Woman""Which Woman?""Means?"hearing clerk's word she said,"what do you mean"?"Hindus,Muslims,backward,Dailt,from which religion,cast or category you belong"?Clerk again asked her."Woman has no religion,ca

Our Imperfect Marriage - 15 - Intimating moment 
by Heena Solanki
  • (13)
  • 612

He said you are looking beautiful. I thanked him, we ate our dinner talking romantically, we danced. When I was going into the bedroom He picked me up in ...

Underground affairs
by Gowri
  • 228

Year 2018: Late 10:30 p.m,agents are seen around Colonel Kamachandran's house it seems he is not there. Noise of a huge vehicle can be heard, as if they are ...

Inquilab Zindabad
by राज बोहरे
  • 108

Short story of Rajnarayan Bohare Inquilab Zindabad Inquilab Zindabad ! Verma saheb shook after hearing the noise! The impact of yesterday's accident was that it seemed that this mob had come ...

Our Imperfect Marriage - 14 - First kiss
by Heena Solanki
  • 540

            He said I am not answering anything. I replied back okay goodnight I am sleeping. Enjoy it and yeah please sleep peacefully. He has to agree with me. I ...

Our Imperfect Marriage - 13 - Butterflies
by Heena Solanki
  • (13)
  • 570

Dad and I wanted to eat ice cream so I told akshat to bring it for us but he directly said no. Because we started to eat daily.  I ...

Our Imperfect Marriage - 12 - New turn
by Heena Solanki
  • (14)
  • 630

It's been a month and Our relationship took a new turn. He tries to spend time with me as much as possible. We started going out on weekends to ...

Before I was born
by Gowri
  • 450

My grandfather who was staying in my grandmother's ancestral home with family was a gandhian.In the Kayamkulam district of Kerala, there is a renowned Hindu temple known as chettikulangara ...

Our Imperfect Marriage - 11 - Full baked friendship
by Heena Solanki
  • 696

When she did not communicate anything further I confessed I am sorry hetu for going away like that sorry for not being there when you needed me I am ...

Our Imperfect Marriage - 10 - surprise for her
by Heena Solanki
  • (12)
  • 699

In the evening hetvi came outside for something. I told her will you please make sandwiches for me? I am hungry. She nodded. I informed her to prepare some ...

નાની જીંદગી ની કહાની - 1
by Bhavesh Jadav
  • 1.7k

હું એ બધા મિત્રો ને દિલ થી આભાર કરુ છું કે જેમણે મને આ નોવેલ લખવા માટે પ્રેરિત કર્યો. તેમજ બધા જ મારા મિત્રો નો ખૂબ ખૂબ આભાર  ?આ short life stroy મારા મિત્રો અને એક છોકરી ને સમપિત છે... મને ...

Our Imperfect Marriage - 9 - his feelings
by Heena Solanki
  • (13)
  • 729

 In the evening I decided to make food. She came into the kitchen and I was thinking she would say something like let me cook you finish your work. ...

Our Imperfect Marriage - 8 - The distance 
by Heena Solanki
  • 765

But,  Destiny had more to serve on my plate. My day started in hospitals and ended there only. I started to stay in hospital 24*7. And one day your ...

Disintegration of humanity - Bleeding Sweat
by Shristi
  • 252

A 5ft girl has no personality to beat the competition in metros -this was a common opinion of the people of my town..But i never thought that a 5ft ...

Our Imperfect Marriage - 7 - Everything change
by Heena Solanki
  • (14)
  • 762

I glared at him. It feels like all he did it on purpose. If he wants to know then he should directly ask me why he did all this. ...

Our Imperfect Marriage - 6 - sweet to bitter
by Heena Solanki
  • (12)
  • 990

In the room, I was trying to sleep but all this question was going on in my mind from last Sunday. I started to like her presence and here ...

Our Imperfect Marriage - 5 - Her beauty
by Heena Solanki
  • 1.7k

I reached my home, the only place which I called mine as soon as I reached my siblings hugged me and said we missed you so much. Jiju is ...

Entry of a stranger
by Shristi
  • 531

A wave of nervousness ran down my spine,it was a regular day but not a normal one.I had read about all the chaos caused by an unseen being in ...

Our Imperfect Marriage - 4️ - Mom’s advice
by Heena Solanki
  • 1.4k

After finishing household chores I decided to visit my mom's place and in-laws house. In the evening when I was visiting my law house I saw a small bakery. ...

Forgiveness Leads To Freedom
by Ratna Raidani
  • 411

The whole auditorium was echoed with the triumphant of “Ma Smitpragya”. Everyone was chanting her name. She folded her hands and thanked all her devotees after the session. She ...

Our Imperfect Marriage - 3 - Mission you
by Heena Solanki
  • 1.9k

It's a friend request from Riaan Shetty. I checked his profile before accepting the request and it was his profile. I accepted his request quickly after stalking him. and ...

by राजनारायण बोहरे
  • 360

Short story                                                                                       Explosion  -Rajnarayan Bohre   Police van  has come again and stayed in the locality. Who knows this time? This sequence continues for the last five days. Ev