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The Vikramaditya Secret - Chapter 21
by Rahul Thaker
  • 3.1k

64)Inspector Nishant Shukla was very frustated. It was very rare occasion that he feels in that way. He has not progressed much in the murder case of Mahaveer Shah.Mahaveer Shah ...

Portraits of Modern life - An uneven day - 3
by Anupma Prakash
  • 1.9k

Ananya stepped into the elevator and could immediately smell the pan masala stink that was permeating the lift. Pan masala acted like a deodorant for the pot-bellied man who ...

Moonlight Fear - 1
by Tamil Selvi
  • 1k

A moon isn't just a moon if it has a horrific background. You can call it devilish picture which can spell death. However, the villagers learned to make their ...

Maybe forever - 4
by Elizabeth
  • 882

            #Chapter 3             ' The tongue is a small thing, but what enormous damage it can do '  Sister Lucia's ...

by Friend
  • 479

                       $JUST A START$This is a type of story that tells about  a kid how he lived his life ...

Come Back to Leave Me... Again - 9
by Sohil Ashvin Shah
  • 556

Read the most admirable chapter of the Novel, dedicated to 'Mareez' sahab.

Together Forever - 15
by Reva S
  • 332

I Dunno Why You Put It In First Place!Rika's POV As Adhvik carried me into the the building, every single eyes fell upon us. In spite of being embarrassed, ...

The Vikramaditya Secret - Chapter 20
by Rahul Thaker
  • 321

61)" The painting of Goddess Harsiddhi which is in our office is drawn by Sheth Jagdu Sha him self " Poorva Shah said to Professor Dev Raval." Oh really ...

Maybe forever - 3
by Elizabeth
  • 356

     # Chapter 2                                             Vihani was sitting ...

Portraits of Modern Life - The gingerly rebellion - 2
by Anupma Prakash
  • 436

   It was Friday evening. The streets of Mumbai were abuzz with excitement as usual. Ananya was in a hurry. She was running through the streets of Mumbai to ...

Dabara Tumbler - 7
by Omahazeeya
  • 357

Glossary: Pazhaiyedu/ Pazhaiaya Saadham/ Pazhaiya soru is traditional cooked rice soaked in water overnight and eaten the next day for breakfast. It can also be drained and eaten with ...

Together Forever - 14
by Reva S
  • 338

The Unexpected!Rika's POV"What?!", I literally yelled out in shock. "I'll explain Rika...", said my dad in a weary tone. " There was a pact signed between your great grandfather ...

Come Back to Leave Me... Again - 8 - RENOVATED ATTITUDE
by Sohil Ashvin Shah
  • 360

Read how Siddhant has changed his Lifestyle and Behaviour to Imprrss Hritisha.

Together Forever - 13
by Reva S
  • 430

Why Is My Life Filled With So Much Of Drama?!Rika's POV Its been only three weeks since I started my training. But my feelings for Adhvik is in haywire ...

Dabara Tumbler - 6
by Omahazeeya
  • 340

"Hi Himani, Khushi here." When she apprehended Khushi over the phone, she was huddled into a bale of Himani, her legs and arms crumpled to her body around in ...

The Vikramaditya Secret - Chapter 19
by Rahul Thaker
  • 408

58)" My Dear Daughter , seek the help from the Goddess " Professor Dev Raval read the line written on the handkerchief of Mahaveer Shah.Poorva has taken it from ...

Maybe forever - 2
by Elizabeth
  • 563

             # Chapter 1         February 2019                The day was bright. Warm and sunny like a ...

Portraits Of Modern Life - Another Weekend- 1
by Anupma Prakash
  • 922

         Ananya looked outside the window. The other tall buildings of the society were abuzz with activities. The strong gaze of the sun peering through the structures fell ...

Dabara Tumbler - 5
by Omahazeeya
  • 298

Himani exited the bathroom, when delicate tufts of the sunlight had started faltering over the crinkled bed, seeping through her window shields. Sauntering over to the windows, she pushed ...

Together Forever - 12
by Reva S
  • 496

No No! We Are Just Family Friends!Rika's POV After my happiest time in Italy with Adhvik, we returned to Chennai just this morning. Adhvik, like a gentleman he is ...

Come Back to Leave Me... Again - 7 - FIRST SPLIT-UP
by Sohil Ashvin Shah
  • 363

Siddhant and Hritisha had faced the first split-up.

Together Forever - 11
by Reva S
  • (12)
  • 704

Tell Them Honey! After All, You Are The One Who Named Him!Rika's POV"This should teach you a lesson, sweetheart! Every time you call me in an official or professional ...

Dabara Tumbler - 4
by Omahazeeya
  • 292

Wrapping up her work for the day, Khushi folded her laptop and crammed it inside her backpack before popping the chiming reminder off, on her phone's display. Dosa batter, ...

The Vikramaditya Secret - Chapter 18
by Rahul Thaker
  • 437

55)" This Shri - Yantra is broken and incomplete. We need to find the other half piece of it " Professor Dev Raval said to Poorva Shah.Manju Masi serve ...

Maybe forever
by Elizabeth
  • (12)
  • 2.4k

        PrologueDecember 31, 2013 Visakhapatnam ' This is suffocating' Avi thought as he scanned the perfectly arranged hall and perfectly clothed people around him. The walls ...

Together Forever - 10
by Reva S
  • (17)
  • 717

What's My Name, Rika?Rika's POV "Welcome Mr.Rish and Ms.Shrinikith! May you have a peaceful flight ahead sir and ma'am!", said the air hostess with a gentle smile. "Thank you", ...

Dabara Tumbler - 3
by Omahazeeya
  • 292

Himani was out of sleep at the raucous clang from outside her room.  She just heard it. Startled at the clamour she believed she'd heard, she stirred up on ...

The real Me (part-4 )
by Bihag Trivedi
  • 625

CHAPTER-10    ( The life after all ) The days , weeks and months were passing too quickly , we were getting close to the biggest day of our ...

Dabara Tumbler - 2
by Omahazeeya
  • 337

            I Want Some Real Human Interaction "Hey, Meena, hold on to this. I'll be back."  Raghav declared, flinging his leg to the front getting ...