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It is 10 O'clock - 22
by Sunil Kapadia
  • 342

A storm was lurking, but everyone was unaware of that. The Bermuda’s triangle was about to be formed and only the fate knew who was going to sink and ...

Searching for writer..... - 30
by Pramila
  • 786

True love doesn't demand or force. It only loves.....***** NOTE  : The quotes in the above lines and in previous episodes are taken from charan's diary, which he wrote these lines ...

Do you love me? - Episode 28 - Relax
by Pavan Naidu
  • (18)
  • 1.3k

Continuation of episode 2511 PMThey decided to have a late-night meeting to prevent the spread of this news to the news-hungry media. If this news leaks out all the ...

The Angel Inside - part 6 silence is the best Savage answer
by King K.M
  • 600

Jay POV I lay down my head back on the chair as I sigh and start up checking the file, analyzing the medical records of my current patient. Today I ...

Radha’s Love ‘n Loss
by BS Murthy
  • 360

    When it was time for them to part for the day, Radha gave Kavya the missive that she penned for Dhruva. Darling: I am ashamed that I ...

Searching for writer..... - 29
by Pramila
  • 900

I fell in love with the way You touched me without using your hands....             CHARAN POVThis happened 5 years ago... i fall in love with ...

Sneha’s Poignant Letter of Love and Remorse
by BS Murthy
  • 237

My soulmate: Whoever thought of such a fall for us from the dizzy heights you took us to! Why, even my worst fears failed to push me to such ...

An Unforgettable Bus Journey
by Uplifted
  • 501

24th March, 2020.... This day is important for two reasons. The first, obviously because from the very next day onwards, that is 25th March, there was a nation wide ...

Prasad’s Seductive Craft
by BS Murthy
  • 303

"Oh, Roopa, my hope, I'm aware that my move would agitate you. But how am I to portray the thousand deaths I died wanting to avoid distressing you. All ...

Vasu’s Wooing Words to His Old Flame
by BS Murthy
  • 174

Nithya Near, You've every right to know why I crave for you more than ever before. And I owe you an explanation for wanting you in spite of your ...

The Angel Inside - Part 5 - breakfast tragedy
by King K.M
  • 897

JAY'S POVI sigh and leave upstairs, laying on my bed. I was still confused about Amy' why did she even wanted to get rid of her own sister? Both ...

Roopa’s Passion in Poetic Expression
by BS Murthy
  • 198

'I read your letter a hundred times,' he said as he pulled it from his pocket, 'for its romantic quality.' 'Thanks for your compliment,' she sank into him coyly, ...

Of No Avail – Part 8 - Making the Thaw
by BS Murthy
  • 162

“Have a measure of Dhaatri as well,” she said opening a new folder, “though not in nude.” “What do you take me for, a compulsive voyeur or what?” he ...

Searching for writer..... - 28
by Pramila
  • 1.1k

" My heart longs for you   My soul dies for you   My eyes cry for you   My empty arms reach out for you  This life only meant for you ...

Of No Avail – Part 7 - Breaking the Barrier
by BS Murthy
  • 168

‘So far so good but what after I disclose that,’ she began thinking after recalling the sequence of events starting from that heartwarming moment of seeing his photo in ...

Do you love me? - Episode 27 - everything is fair in love and war
by Pavan Naidu
  • (21)
  • 2.2k

Days passed but there was no progress in their relationship ( physically ), she qualified for the preliminary exam and preparing for the mains but her relationship compilations stirring her ...

Of No Avail – Part 6 - Falling in Line
by BS Murthy
  • 183

“But the hour of reckoning came at the dawn of my thirtieth birthday,” she resumed her recap of the way she had waded through the web of wedlock. “That’s ...

Of No Avail – Part 5 - Ordeals of Ambition
by BS Murthy
  • 261

Part 2  As Priya drove him into the sprawling compound of an elite complex, Venu began to see the futility of his daydreams entertained in his modest dwelling. ‘Is ...

The Angel Inside - Part 4 - the childish rules
by King K.M
  • 765

Jay's POVAfter the marriage we sat in the car for our way to the home. New home. I don't know why they decided to make me live seperate. Maybe ...

Of No Avail – Part 4 - Furies of Falsity
by BS Murthy
  • 270

“Since she had nothing against you, wonder why she brought things to such a pass?” she said. “I think it all started with her obsession to lead the so-called ...

Of No Avail – Part 3 - Wedlock in Deadlock
by BS Murthy
  • 306

“Have you become a Socrates of sorts or what?” she said in all admiration. “It’s not like that,” he said in all humility, “and simply put, life teaches us ...

by Uplifted
  • 690

( I would request the readers to please go through the first part of this series 'The Power Girls' so as to better comprehend the continuity of the story ...

Searching for writer..... - 27
by Pramila
  • 1k

" i promise to handle your heart with care and treasure it with love, There is no pretending I LOVE YOU, And i will love youUNTIL I DIE,and if there is life ...

Of No Avail – Part 2 - Flows of Fate
by BS Murthy
  • 417

Soon, watching the fumes of the coffee decoction she was preparing, he envisioned the similitude of his evaporated marital dreams with her. But equally, as her loving looks and ...

Of No Avail – Part1 - Surprises of Life
by BS Murthy
  • 1.1k

Of No Avail Web of Wedlock BS Murthy Copyright@2021BS Murthy Cover image by Gopi Blurb Lured by the pitch - All marriages are made in heaven but some are ...

The Angel Inside - Part 3 - the wedding
by King K.M
  • 882

Author POVJay woke up on the bed as he shot open his eyes followed by the sweatbeads on his forehead. His breathing was heavy. And he kept mumbling.Jay: when ...

वो कार वाली लड़की - 7
by Dream Stories
  • 546

अपने अगले part मे पढ़ा की मेने अपनी नयी दोस्त के लिए तोफा उसकी रूम के बाहर सोडकर वहा से चला गया था। अब आगे तोफा छोडकर मे कॉफ़ी ...

by Uplifted
  • 2.7k

Chapter 1 - The Journey Begins We are a Company marketing Health products for some years now. But our products, although popular in the local market, have not been ...

Searching for writer.... - 26
by Pramila
  • (11)
  • 1.1k

  " someone who really loves you    Sees what a mess you can be,    How moody you can get,   How hard you are to handle,    But still wants you in ...

Do you love me? - Episode 26 - love at first sight?
by Pavan Naidu
  • (22)
  • 2.8k

Anu( looking at their pics): He surely hates me now. Sigh let's watch what will happen.she closed her eyes and crashed into her bed while memorizing the past...Past:Anu's mom: ...