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आळसवाद-चार तुकडे एक जोडकाम (दीर्घकथा) - 6
by लेखनवाला
  • 22

मतदार एका विचारात गढून गेलाय, तो विचार करतोय की, आता काय नवीन आमच्यावर लादू नका, ते आम्हाला पेलवत पण नाय आणि रुचत पण नाय, जे चालयं ते आमच्या डोक्याच्यावरुन ...

Dealing with Insomia and Scamper
by Rohit Sharma
  • 52

Dealing with Insomnia   At 12 in the night, the mobile phone of Executive Engineer, Narendra, was constantly ringing. He wondered who was disturbing his sleep at this time. ...

The Emperor (Novella) - Chapter 1
by Mrunal Shukla
  • 184

  Acknowledgement                         First of all I want to express my deepest gratitude to you as you think it appropriate to read this literary work envisaged by me. ...

Monu's Adventureous...
by Aditya Senta
  • 36

Monu was 11 years old. He was a brave and cute boy. He had a little sister named Pinky. She was 9 years old. They both went to the ...

Beyond The Water - 4
by Prabodh Kumar Govil
  • 184

Beyond The Water (Translation of Hindi Novel - Jal Tu Jalal Tu) (4) Rasbi didn’t have money but she was very hard-working, thrifty and careful. She did not left ...

Lock Down 1
by Dipan bhatt
  • 1.5k

Lockdown is not curse, it give us a chance to restart our lives, chance to love yourselves again, chance to live the days of your childhood again, chance to ...

by Amar Kamble
  • 206

                            First meetings are generally not much interesting because either boy or girl shies to be ...

It is 10 O'clock - 6
by Sunil Kapadia
  • 138

Krishna called Priya and they agreed to meet at a ccd. Krishna got early there and was waiting for Priya. And there she was. She entered the ccd and ...

Beyond The Water - 3
by Prabodh Kumar Govil
  • 312

Beyond The Water (Translation of Hindi Novel - Jal Tu Jalal Tu) (3) Father of the children interrupted “Actually, there is no scarcity of water in our county, only ...

Together Forever - 1
by Reva S
  • 828

Once Again Into My LifeAdhvik's POV "What do you mean by 'you are taking her under your wing' ? I can't... And I won't", I reasoned out. "Oh yes.. ...

Just Stay... - 3
by Priyanka M
  • 132

JUST STAY ! (PART 3) He shot her a look, a look of anger, a look of surprise. Reeta expecting this, looked away, pretending to look for a waiter. He now knew that ...

Google - 2
by Omahazeeya
  • 180

Her house was an intimate one, with a walkway that had a monstrously branched Mango tree on the left, followed by a thorny, lime tree, and an assorted array ...

  • 186

Plastic is a boon for us. Or curse Knowing the title, you must have known. Everybody also knows me. We all know we are small Or big all home ...

Guardians - 1
by Yash Jayeshkumar Patel
  • 154

"How to tell you our story. It's too long. Tell me a little bit." - Sam said at the conference. 1. Begin The red signal is triggered. The stones ...

Safe haven - 18
by Elizabeth
  • 316

 Chapter #18        Someone Got You Back                            Alvin sat on the cold metallic chair Infront ...

Hunger is the greatest Enemy
by Sunil Kapadia
  • 358

There was a village named Ratanpur. It was a very remote place in Gujarat. In that village most of the villagers are poor. In that village there was a ...

Beyond The Water - 2
by Prabodh Kumar Govil
  • 522

Beyond The Water (Translation of Hindi Novel - Jal Tu Jalal Tu) (2) The specimen of the box had been designed on the basis of the photograph that the ...

Come Back to Leave Me... Again - 2 - Surprised Engagement
by Sohil Ashvin Shah
  • 416

Engagement journey of Siddhant and Hritisha . One of the most likable chapters of the Novel.

Beyond The Water - 1
by Prabodh Kumar Govil
  • 2.9k

Beyond The Water (Translation of Hindi Novel - Jal Tu Jalal Tu) Flap Matter It’s the winner who is acclaimed as a champion by the world, A HERO! But ...

It is 10 O'clock - 5
by Sunil Kapadia
  • 566

Next morning when Krishna woke up , he took his phone to look for her message and the message was there saying that come to my home - Aashka. ...

Google - 1
by Omahazeeya
  • 616

The street she lived in was always bestirred. From the crisp morning that'd have skies slashed with delicate, lethargic strays of golden hues to the night that'd have all ...

Just Stay... - 2
by Priyanka M
  • 530

PART 2 “Hi…beta...ahh, I mean, Reeta!” he said standing, awkwardly, absolutely startled. Reeta, smiling tenderly, pulled out the chair and sat calmly opposite to him. Wearing a knee length cotton kurti, denim ...

by Khyati Panchal KITTU
  • (12)
  • 586

પરવરીશ શબ્દ સાંભળતા જ માતા પિતા અને સંતાન વચ્ચે નો સંબધ યાદ આવે છે. માતા પિતા તરીકે તમે તમારા બાળક ને જન્મ થી લઇને જે પણ સંસ્કાર આપો છો ...

Safe haven - 17
by Elizabeth
  • 632

#Chapter 17                Broken to Pieces                                  Anusha was cleaning ...

The Last Song of Life
by Sunil Kapadia
  • (13)
  • 550

Yesterday my grandmother died.I came to know at 5.00 pm in the evening. And we had to leave for our village. When we reached there it was 7.00 O'clock.It ...

Piyush Goel - Mirror Image Writer
by Piyush Goel
  • 128

Piyush Goel (born 1967) also referred as Mirror Image Man by media, is an Indian writer, author, and world record holder, known for writing books in Mirror image style. ...

Gandhi vs Singh
by Sohil Ashvin Shah
  • 416

What if Gandhiji and Bhagat Singh themselves discuss face to face the most controversial and debatable topic that Why did Gandhiji not Save Bhagat Singh?

सेक्स वेदोकी नज़रमे
by Jensil Kankotiya
  • 410

                 सेक्स !!!!!!!, सेक्स ?????? , सेक्स........., में जानता हु आपके मनमे यह सब भाव उठ रहे होंगे मगर ये बात भी ...

Staring Eyes
by Rohit Sharma
  • 388

Fist story Staring Eyes “A colleague in my office who is close to retirement age, keeps staring at me. His eyes are always following me. A man’s attutiude remains ...

My New Slogans
  • 176

    My New Slogans                     JIRARA                           ...