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Happiness the ultimate thing.
by Hiten Kotecha

Every man is searching happiness.when  a person pass his study period, he finds job or business or anything for his livlihood. Whenever he choose or does his job, his ...

The Mysterious Affair at Styles - 13 - last part
by Agatha Christie
  • 82

The Mysterious Affair at Styles by Agatha Christie POIROT EXPLAINS CHAPTER XIII. “Poirot, you old villain,” I said, “I’ve half a mind to strangle you! What do you mean ...

by Satyam Pal
  • 78

********** Here's a new chapter. Thanks for reading the previous one. Hope you will enjoy reading this one too. ********** Aruhi saw her father give her a fake smile."Rahul's ...

by Devanshi Kanani
  • 68

“Get up Dev!!!! It’s already 10 o’clock men. We can’t effort to get late for today.”, Anu is trying to wake him up. Dev is in his dream world. He ...

Maybe forever - 8
by Elizabeth
  • 158

# Chapter 7                                     Some journeys take us far from home. Some adventures ...

by Anjali Deshpande
  • 114

NOBODY LIGHTS A CANDLE Anjali Deshpande 31 Early in the morning Bharat had called. Today it is difficult to go so far. He has to meet Grover too in ...

by Sri Ridhi
  • 700

A girl of age ten  named as Ishitha was staying with her parents ."Ishitha come to your bed it's already 10 said."coming mummy only 1 assignment yet to ...

Falling in love - 6 - Are you dating him?
  • (19)
  • 488

Story so far..Raavi comes to know that Aarav was calling her cause with kia they met with an accident. Shocked Raavi visits Kia and meets Anurag at the hospital.She ...

Taste Of Fear Chapter 3
by Vicky Trivedi
  • 300

The exams were over; Shyam had never been as busy as he had over the last fifteen days. The subject of Taxation had played a great role to keep ...

by Ayushi Shukla
  • 252

It's was a shinning night, quiet atmosphere, strange deserted alleyways, not a single person, except, a skinny girl, with a radiant gorgeous black hair,  beautiful dimple face, in a ...

Beauty of nature
by kajal
  • 164

Nature is God Gift, Most beautiful planet. Tisa loved Nature too much. And Also  Nature is full of greenery, So tisa always want to go there. Tisa say to ...

The cursed game... - 6
by King K.M
  • 224

They all reach the gate and suddenly the gate opens by itself! They were a little afraid ! They went in!Alice: now bats will fly!( Looking at the top of ...

Portraits of modern life - Different Desires - Episode 5
by Anupma Prakash
  • 78

Aditya swivelled his chair to get a full view of the office. He was barely six months old in this new job. At 26 he looked like a college ...

Humanity's Journey
  • 308

Humanity’s Journey       By JIRARA         © JIRARA, July 2020 Published by JIRARA On   All rights reserved. No parts of this publication ...

The Interview - 4 - Last Part
by Anirudh Deshpande
  • 260

The Interview A short story by Anirudh Deshpande IV Sameer entered the Principal’s room and said “Good Afternoon” to the phalanx of interviewers. He was waved to a hard ...

by Anjali Deshpande
  • 94

NOBODY LIGHTS A CANDLE Anjali Deshpande 30 Sathiya! The whole area trembled in his presence. Nobody knew where he had come from. Some said he came from Amroha some ...

Rebirth - Part 1
by Ratna Raidani
  • 272

Part 1 Even 3 months of hard work and dedication didn't help in much savings. Rent for the room, food and grocery expenses, and everyday commute fare for M.R.T. left ...

Taste Of Fear Chapter 2
by Vicky Trivedi
  • 370

It was now June and the first day of the new Campus year, bringing a new start to Shyam who attended the first day with anticipation of the knowledge ...

The Train goes on no driver but gurard-god Episode 2
by Subbu
  • 152

In Hinduism, a siddha is ‘one who is accomplished’. It refers to a perfected master who has achieved a high degree of physical as well as spiritual perfection or ...

The Mysterious Affair at Styles - 12
by Agatha Christie
  • 156

The Mysterious Affair at Styles by Agatha Christie THE LAST LINK CHAPTER XII Poirot’s abrupt departure had intrigued us all greatly. Sunday morning wore away, and still he did ...

The Mysterious Island - 1
by Saurabh
  • 530

Dear readers this is my first work. Hope you read it and send me feedback in the comment box.CH.1"Preparation time"The news is every where that there is an island ...

The Heart thats Meant to Love you
by Anaisha
  • 596

As I walked inside the Grandeur Hotel, my eyes widened in surprise. Everything seemed so surreal, so dreamlike that I literally felt that I am in a whole new ...

Social talks
by Sahaj Sabharwal
  • 232

ROLE OF POLICE IN COVID19 PERIOD This period of Coronavirus attacked almost every country in this world, due to which the economy of countries got adversely affected. In this ...

एक अजनबी हसीना से, यु मुलाकात हो गई - 1
by Tapan Kanabar
  • 294

"30 लाख, ना एक रुपया ज़्यादा ना एक कम. मंज़ूर है तो हा बोलो वरना रहने दो हम किसी और को ढूंढ लेंगे " "माफ़ करना पर ये hotel ...

The two questions?
by Arjuna Bunty
  • 326

The two questions? Dear friends, I am not a man of high standing, but what I have told you here is my deep study. If anything goes deep, it ...

when you die....
by Hiten Kotecha
  • 296

When you die,or  the time of dying if anybody say how was  your life, have you lived your life bravely?. At that time if you can say yes I ...

लौट आना तुम
by seema singh
  • (11)
  • 548

लौट आना तुम  ..............,,,, हर बार लौटने के अपने सुख होते हैं और अपने दुख भी , उसने लौटते हुये पीछे छूटे अपने घर को देखा और देर तक ...

How life changed in a decade
by Rahul Desai
  • 124

How life changed in a decade with the sun rise on 1st Jan,2020. We have come to an end of a decade. We have progressed in all aspects starting from Technology to ...

The Interview - 3
by Anirudh Deshpande
  • 290

The Interview A short story by Anirudh Deshpande III In the Kripacharya College, Professor Aftab Hasan Mehboob, notorious for selecting, supervising and recommending long-legged young lady research students, had ...

Pregnancy Journey - Week 4
by Dr Kinjal Shah
  • 90

?Week 4️⃣⁣Hello friends , Welcome again to your pregnancy journey !!!? Hope , You all are enjoying the series  to " know more about pregnancy " . It is always better ...