Hey, I am on Matrubharti!

The moon is drunk

And the stars indoxicated

With the sins of the son

And the sadness of the sky,

Shifts, blurs from the earth,

And you share,

And wonder why the univers,

Never loved your back,

Once at the school area, Some students who studied at the 10th standard were playing at the school ground.
Raju was a good football player, but Ramu was not a well-known player. Both of them were playing together in one team. Raju played well and shot the ball into the post. The ball came high fastly, It knocked out in Ram’s head and the goal was to display. unfortunately! Commenter master called out that ''Ram’s best goal, Ram’s fantastic goal by his head''. Ramu is rubbing the head by his` pain. At the end of the play He became the champion of play. He got most price. Thus, Raju falls into disappointment.
When Ramu saw the Raju, Who was very frustrated in his face, He gave Raju all which was got by Ramu. They had become best friends later.

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If you want more love in the world, create more love in your heart.
If you want more competence in your team, improve your competence.
Life will give you back everything you have given to it."

Hard work is always a success

I love my mother

During the evening time, I got the call. Hello! Do you forget me, what are you doing, the exam is over? I understood who is calling at the time, Yes, it is my mother. I am sorry mom, I did not forget you, but my work was disturbed by me from call to you." oh! don't worry". I called to inform the main subject. what is the matter? "Doctor called me by saying that need surgery. I thought I could tell you about going to the hospital with your brother tomorrow. I hope you pray for me. Of course,
A lot of people like this. they don't know the difficulties and sacrifices of a mother. If we forgot them, they don't forget us. The pain of childbirth is half the wage of death. Vedas indicated that paradise is under the mother's feet and look on the face of mother is rewarding. while the children are crying at night, the mother tends the children without sleep. No matter how much your child grows up, he does not any position and better than his mother. if anybody is on mother, he will know the price and value of a mother.
she has the most powerful in setting the future in the world.
I love my mother. I feel that the action has more effect than the word. Duo to typically I am talking with my mother, but my kissing is most feeling in her heart. I will see it in her eye. everyone has there own vision, this is my vision.
"I love my mother"

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The best connection between teacher and student.

All students are likened to an unfilled bottles. like that all the teachers are likened to overflowing bottles. Lack of arrogance is the biggest relationship between them. So, when the students stand before the teacher like a bottle full of water, Surely, the best knowledge in their teachers won`t get into there bottles. Thus, 

only when the bottles are lowered, the knowledge can be infused the bottle. By that no the matter how knowledgeable the student is, He is only inferior to the teacher. Can fill in the blanks, It is only humility that one can rise.

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The day you freaked me out

I have more wish to say with you very innovative and feeling incident. I am lies in the lodge room of campus. we are more than ten students in my room. we have our self the mattress. Unfortunately, one night I happened to watch my companion lying in my bed when I returned from the classroom. I do not know what to do. I doubted whether to call or not, however, I called him, I have tried many ways to call him.in that time another companion said to me you call him calmly. Finally, he got up from my bed listening to my call. I realized the fact of that incident when the next night happened the same incident to another. But he does not do anything as I do. Not only, he took off his blanket and lay down on the floor. That movement I have much guilt, influence. This incident and experience give him more feeling that my love of companion is growing and others are the big step in our life.

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