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I lost you

I lost you in my life
i lost your smiling face
which lessened all my pains .
I lost your firm hand which held onto me
whenever i fell down
whenever i am down.
I lost you to the world of greed
you changed to someone else
your love from your became cold as ice
your warmth vanished like a thin air .
I lost your hug which
reminded me i was yours .
Now you stand aloof
looking to the otherside of the world .
taking in its richness
discarding my innocence .
my cries were unheard
my pleas were traded for the world .
I held onto you in hope
to warm your cold eyes ,
to see glimpeses of my love .
But cold eyes showed none
crumbling my heart into pieces .
I lost your love
I lost you to the greedy world
and word of void emotions .

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