Hey, I am on Matrubharti!

Achievement is not an instant outcome rather it demands a process of years long perseverance and dedication.

wise people never make worthless arguments they love to reveal their talents through action.

One can taste all euphorias of life who patiently confess the slew of woes and nightmarish of life .

To give a successful touch to the journey of life one has to witness struggle but some quit owing to their diffidence and unreal assumptions about future.....

In the contemporary society everyone forgets the person who actually saves them from adversity but some rare personalities embrace the attitude of remaining thankful till their last breath .

Thankful attitude of a person perpetually enhances his personality and his humility too.

An obliged person never exhibits reluctancy to become thankful to his saviors ....

Remaining thankful to the almighty is the best accolade for him .

Will power encapsulates indomitable impulse even to move mountain where all profusions lacking will power can never yield the aspired outcome....

Apathy is subsequently converted into passion if persistency occures with sheer dedication.