They : Are you writer? Me : I don't know, But atleast i don't copy. INSTAGRAM - kunwar_vj_singh

She wants to fly business class. And I want to own a plan.

तू खुद को ले संभाल ज़ख्म मेरे अल्ला धोएगा |

ना ज़ख्म भरे ना शराब सहारा हुई
ना वो वापस लौटी ना मोहब्बत दुबारा हुई |


I had an accident and then we Kissed at the divider .

We were drunk although.


In the evening around 7 PM in the winter season, I was on my bike and she was on her scooty. We were coming from a Bar after having some beer. As I was getting late so I was a little far from her and I was looking for her in the object mirror.

All of sudden I saw a bus was turning from a street to come on the road, My speed was like 60 and I was not able to use the break. I hit that bus and felt down, was out of the world, Had no idea what happened to me, was searching for my shoe. After a moment a gentleman came to me and parked my bike aside and asked to go to the hospital with him If I injured but I said I am ok! Thank you and He left.

My girl had seen the whole scene. I was sitting at the divider, She came to me and sat beside me. She was crying and staring at me I wiped her tears and said I am okay. She shouted on me like “who told you to drive fast?, Who is waiting for you?, You can't handle bike easily cuz there is a gear in your bike. And She hugged me at that moment, Asked me Are you okay?, I replied Ya... I am okay and All of sudden, Without her knowledge, Without the care of the public, I Kissed her, Where a lot of vehicles were passing us. I forgot my whole pain for a while, I still remember that a guy was walking from there and he commented: “ ye kya chal raha hai road pe?” ( What's going on the road?) And she replied “ tu nikal na chu***”. ( Mind your own business assh…). I was forcing her to go home but she was refusing to go. She was there, Holding my hand, Was saying….. I am not going anywhere, We sat there for a few minutes.

And then we both left with happy faces.


Current scene:-

We don't talk anymore for an obvious reason.

The last conversation was like:-

Me - I won't text you again in my whole life.

She - I hope… you will follow this time.


Thank you for reading. 

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इतनी चाहतो और इतनी दुआ ओ से भी वो मेरी ना हुई!
तो साथ फेरो से वो तेरी क्या हो जाएगी !

जैसे हर मंदिर में होती है रोज आरती
गलती करने पर मम्मी है बच्चे को मारती
आज से हर भारतीय के फोन में होना चाइए मातृ भारती।

PS: Correct it more well in the comment box.

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A Chai Lover??

it doesn't matter
what other think."