My Words Are Silent But They Have Tremendous Capacity To Shut Anybody's Mouth. My aim to uprising the relevant standards of gujarati literature, put the issue which is Related to education,environment,society,women,child labour,spirituality and motivational talk about our freedom fighters etc.

#Youth Has No Age -Gaurang Kubavat

દરેક વ્યક્તિ કંઇક વિચારતો હોય છે,એ સ્થિતિ માં એના મન મહેલ માં એ એકલો જ 'વિચરતો' હોય છે,

પછી પૂછે પોતાની માંહે બેઠેલા ને,
શું કામ કર્યા કરે એની ચિંતા તુ,
એજ સવાલ વારંવાર પૂછી એની જાત ને,
એ એના 'મન' ને સતાવતો હોય છે,

ને આખરે એ જ અસમંજસ માં 'મન' વિચાર ને 'સ્વીકારતો' હોય છે.

Written By : Gaurang Kubavat

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When I was a small boy, i was a child,

I had no fear, at that time when I was a small boy,

Because everyone is Near, when I was a small boy,

Today's situation little different, Everyone is here,

But love and care of parents towards their child or children Not here,

Today's scenario is parents are busy in earning more,

For, brighter future of their future(children)and then their entire life spent in earning,

But, parents are not learning that,

Real assets are their children because if you provide them each and everything except your personal time,

Then they feel and think that they becomes liability on their parents,

We want to know only we know, otherwise we ignore them,

I am talking about whom you know,

Yes, of course they are the wonderful Creation of god,

I am talking about Children.

Jay gujarat, Jay gujarati
✍Kubavat Gaurang.

Last Few words from my side on the occasion of Children's day As Below.

Whatever Happened around me,I was just Smile, when I was a child,

But today Child's childhood put on Mile.

?Happy Children's day?

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