When We Met - 25 in English Fiction Stories by Aisha books and stories PDF | When We Met - EP - 25 (Unexpected Arguments and Cool Answers)

When We Met - EP - 25 (Unexpected Arguments and Cool Answers)

Emily's POV:

I tried to wiggle out of his searing grip, giving all the hints to him that he was practically squishing my very innocent female parts against his aristocratic male parts, tempting me to do not so innocent things with him.

Edward was pressing me to his side, his large sculptured hands were encircled around my waist firmly and I couldn't help but feel how perfect his hands fit my generous figure.

And then I started thinking about how his hands would feel against my chest. Would they be able to cover them up? Maybe his hands were bigger than my bust or they could cup.

I shook my head vigorously to pry off these desires and stumbled rather roughly. In that struggle, my stupid pencil heels got stuck to the small pit in the ground.

After many unsuccessful attempts, I pulled my heel too forcefully. knocking my balance off to Edward who was busy in swiping texts to Lara while still clinging to me like a caterpillar! He gripped my arms to steady both of us, his eyebrows furrowed.

"What are you doing, Lily?"

"What are you doing, my dear Edward?" I mimicked his way of saying 'dear' to me, pointing at his arms which were crushing my neck to the point it could break off any moment.

"You've been clinging to me like a horse-" He put his palms over my mouth, pressing it firmly against my lips while his other hand scooted me closer to squish more against him.

"Shh. Linda is still following us! Turn to your left around the street and you'll see her popping candies in her mouth! But don't be suspicious otherwise we both are dead as meat!"

I stared at him, narrowing my eyes which looked more like glare.

Indeed. He was right. As I turned around slowly, I could clearly see Linda walking leisurely on the street, her phone buzzing more often than usual. Hmm. Maybe she had been reporting all that to his mom.

I nodded meekly and put my arms around his shoulders to pull him close to me, the movement which surprised him so much he hauled all his weight over me. I struggled to balance myself, feeling his fingers on my waist tightening.

"Why don't we just go home and she can go tell mom that we just want to spend some time alone, maybe doing some husband-wife stuff?"

"Lily, it sounds plausible but don't you think if we remain here in public, they'll expect us to have less physical contacts?"

"On the contrary, it's the reason they'll expect us to have more contacts. When we're home, nobody is gonna spy on the newlywed husband and wife as they already know what we'll be doing!"

"But Emi, if they spy on you outside, what makes you think they can't do it at our home?"

"Because that makes your mom a professional illegal criminal, and really, what the hell did you even make her think about me or our relationship to which she has started to stoop so low as to spy on her own son and his non-existent marriage life with his friend?!"

"I didn't make her think anything bad-"

"Don't say anything. Let's go home but first I think I need to have new shoes. Are you accompanying me to the shop or I can always go alone? Like always!" I tried to walk wearing those broken heels only to stagger back when a pair of arms covered me from the back and I felt smooth hard muscles passing against my soft creases. I inhaled deeply when I felt his manly organ press hard against me due to the forceful fall.

"I think Michael can buy-"

"No. I want to buy it myself. Michael doesn't get paid to buy heels for the wife of their owners!" I almost yelled, sighing in sexual frustration building up inside me.

"But Lily, Its past midnight-"

"Are you or are you not coming?"

"I am coming. Come on, Michael. We're going to buy some shoes for my dear wife!"

I didn't know why I had suddenly gotten so frustrated. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that Edward was suddenly using me so much while whispering sweet nothings to Lara on the phone or maybe I was too fed up with bottling up my feelings for him for almost twenty years that it was getting impossible day by day to get closer to him without feeling the urge to pull him close and let him devour my soul and body and heart.

My heart craved his touch. I always knew that but seeing my body doing the same didn't settle well with me!

It was so wrong to want a man who already loved another person!

My tensed night got slightly lighter with passing time when I met a guy named George who also came to the shop to buy shoes for himself. I couldn't help myself when he started to talk about random things around the world and in the end, I just gave in and laughed my heart out at his gags.

"Do you also believe in the fact that someday all the countries around the world will have a huge fight over the fact that they can't stay at the same place any longer? That they're bored to the core?"

Wait, what?

I looked at him, trying to zoom his nonexistent brain.

"Never mind. How about you show me some other pair of heels for this nice lady here, my boy!"

A boy came rushing in speed to present me with a new elegant pair of heels and in spite of being a manly woman, I drooled at its design. I quickly put it on and I heard a complimenting remark from George who was smiling genuinely at me.

Why was he smiling?

I bent to remove the heels when someone grabbed me by my arm to shove me back to my seat. I winced in pain at the sudden hard contact of my back with the sofa and lifted my head to glare at the daring person who must have his death wish signed and approved by the Supreme Court itself.

It was Edward.

"What are you doing, Edwa-" I was rubbing my sides to soothe the pain.

"Call me Eddie! And don't lean, will you? You're not giving the men a proper etiquette to stay cool in this room! Now stay seated and let me remove these for you!" With that, he bent down to remove my shoes.

I adjusted my dress somewhere upward to satisfy his remark.

"But I want this one! It's perfect, see-"

"No, we're taking these blue ones-"

"But George here says they fit fine with my dress!" I shoved him; the said piece was indeed looking better.

"That's specifically the reason we're taking these light blue ones!"

"But they don't even go well with the dress! See, these straps-"

"Then we can take these dark blue ones which go way too well with your dress, my dear!"

I looked at the piece which he was gripping rather firmly and decided that it was really more fitting and precise with my attire.

But the way he was ordering me around didn't sound good to my inner pride self!

"Since when do you decide what I should wear?"

"Since when do you decide I shouldn't?"

"Since when do you decide I should let you pry with my fucking life?"

He was really making me worked up for nothing!

"Since when do you start taking interest in nearby strangers and swallow the new designer shoes like a normal girl?"

I narrowed my eyes at him, who in turn glared at me. I lifted my finger and started poking him on his chest.


He didn't flinch a bit as if I were a beetle sitting on cactus!

If that was even possible!

"Since when do you even care if I was a normal girl or not?" I curse myself inwardly for the tears that were starting to prickle now.


"Since when do you care if I take interest in strangers, beggars or even the President for all I know?!"


"Since when do you care if I am fine or I am hurt or I have been living in a stiff situation for years with my feelings, you idiot?!" A lone tear trickled down my face, cool breeze producing a cold sensation on my cheeks which were all flushed red with shouting and anger.

I saw the hurt and concern in his eyes the moment I said the sentence. He opened his mouth to speak but I silenced him yet faster this time.



"Since when do you even decide the fact that there is your wife waiting for you at home when you were so busy sticking your tongue in your girlfriend's mouth!"

Shit. I shouldn't have said that!

I stifled a sob, biting my lips and averted my gaze somewhere else to stop any more tears to fall to doom!

I saw his eyes filled with anger this time, his fingers balled in fists. He took a sharp breath, probably to calm himself. But I continued my accusation anyway. If I was speaking now, I knew one thing that I would never get that chance to speak all of it again.


"Since when do you care if I talk to any boy or stranger or if any of them ask me out?"


"Since when do you even start caring in the first place, Edward?" I whispered it as softly as I can, meaning for him not to hear it and never to answer this rhetorical question.

He grabbed my finger abruptly, which was poking his chest, gently twisting it around, before pulling me towards him, this time his eyes reflecting something I never saw before.

And I didn't know what it was.

I fell on his hard chest with a soft 'eep' and he stared into my eyes with so much intensity I could imagine him slowly and torturously removing my clothes to have his way with me!

Which of course was my hallucination!

Gently lifting his hand, he cupped my cheeks, his thumb pad tracing patterns over my smooth skin. I leaned to his touch, craving it more than my heart could ever show when he leaned towards my face. His lips grazed over my earlobe and I shivered in anticipation.

"Since the day I slipped my mother's ring in your finger and gave you my surname!" he whispered in a husky tone, making my heart go frenzy.

Holy crap.


Buckle up guy, we're heading towards some of the most excited turns of this plot soon. Thank you for reading this story so far, really, means a lot.

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