it's a trap - 6

He dropped Sikha few buildings away from police station. Police station was 15 minutes walk from this place. Ha again explained his plan to Sikha, gave her each and every details about his plan.
“I will call you on Aayush lawyer’s arrival, till then you can sit inside that restaurant.” He said pointing towards a road side restaurant.
Sikha said nothing and went inside the restaurant. He honked before leaving and looked at restaurant owned and left.
He reached police station, he was wearing civil uniform. He settled himself on a bench and tried to mix between civilians. He looked at Assistant Inspector bench and was shocked too see person in black coat standing there. He was Aayush’s lawyer.
He messaged Sikha and immediately called Assistant Inspector and asked him to put cellphone on table so that he can hear their conversation.
“ Where is your Senior?” lawyer said.
“ He is on round, I am in charge now.” He said looking at bail papers.
“Then read bail papers and release him.” He said.
They charged Aayush under bailable offense so that they can give him bail from the police station but they didn’t plan about this. Everything was going against their plan, Aayush's lawyer arrived early, there was no sign of Sikha and AI couldn’t delay lawyer any more.
AI was afraid of his seniors and Aayush’s lawyer had contact with many senior police officers. AI remembered how his Senior got fired because he failed in task and he didn’t want to get fired like his senior.
AI looked at inspector who was sitting on the bench. Inspector nodded.
“Constable! Release Aayush.” AI said.
“Aayush! You are a freeman now.” Constable said.
Aayush looked at him through his sombre eyes. There was no expression on his face. He was still not able to absorb Simran’s news. For him his world had ended.
“You are released!” Constable said again.
Aayush stood up and walked outside prison gate.
“Is she really dead!” Aayush tried to ask, but his voice didn’t reach to constable ears. Even he was not sure whether he spoke it or said it in his mind.
Aayush went straight to AI's desk. AI  gave some instruction to him and his lawyer but Aayush didn’t listen them attentively. 
AI tried his best stretch their conversation but his attempt went into vein. Aayush and his lawyer were about to leave.
Aayush looked at the direction of voice, he saw a figure standing on door.
“Simran!” he whispered, tear rolled out of his eyes, he opened his arm wide because on their every meeting Simran hugged him tightly.
That girl came running and hugged Aayush tightly.
“Simran!” he said hugging her tightly.
“Simran? I am Sikha, Aayush.” She said, “ Simran is dead, and I know you are not involved in that.”
Aayush looked at that girl's face. It was Sikha.
“ Who is she?” lawyer asked.
“I am his girlfriend.” Sikha said.
Aayush didn’t say anything. He again went quiet. Sikha asked lawyer to drop them on Aayush's house.
“Did she know everything?” AI asked.
“No,” he said.
“ Not even about that sodium ball.” AI said.
He stared at AI and it was clear AI that this topic should be abandoned by now.
He left to follow lawyer's car. He wanted to assure Sikha’s safety now.
Lawyer stopped his car near a bank. Aayush went inside bank and come after 15 minutes. He was holding folders and a diary.
He looked at Aayush and murmured “ Are there more evidence left to destroy.”
After bank they stopped at Aayush’s bungalow, lawyer dropped them.
“Book tickets for any country, I want to leave after 3 hours.” Aayush said.
Lawyer nodded and left.
Aayush and Sikha went inside his bungalow.
He parked his car outside Aayush’s bungalow, took out his tablet and connected it with CCTV cameras. They had planted CCTV camera in Aayush house few days ago. Aayush was not aware about them.
“Read this!” Aayush said.
He handed over Sikha a diary.
“Theory of love.” Sikha reads.
“No, not from first page, read last page.” Aayush said.
Sikha initially smiled, thought how dumb Aayush is. This diary could be use as evidence against him.
Her smile gets straight as she reads more. By the end there was terror in her eyes and she was sweating.
“Simran is pregnant with my child.” She read last line again.
She looked at Aayush, who was adjusting a portrait.
“You destroyed my everything, “ He shouted, “ You don’t deserve to live, I will kill you like we killed your husband.”
Sikha didn’t react to that, there was no expression on her face and no movement in her body. She was breathing but she was out of her sense.
Aayush pointed a gun on Sikha.
A heavy sound of bullet fire was heard, bullet made a hole in head and passed. Aayush's lifeless body fell, leaving pool of blood.
It was him; the inspector. He saved Sikha again. Sikha was fainted now.
He got his job back. Sikha was booked under charge of murder but after her discharge from hospital she was mysteriously disappeared.

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