it's a trap - 1

“What?!” He screamed, he was sitting in his luxury car.
He adjusted himself, he was hyperventilating, and drops of sweat were shinning on his temple.
“How can you do this to me?” he said.
He was searching for his oxygen pump.
“Well darling, I can do anything.” She smirked.
She was playing with his oxygen pump; he struggled to get it back. She smiled and threw it towards him. He put pump into his mouth, he was feeling normal.
 “You wanted my body and now I want your money, Simple!” she said.
She kissed on his cheeks and left the car. She was wearing a black one piece, which was completing her curves. Her layered hairs were giving her bold look. She sat in her car and left.
He was looking into side mirror, staring at the red lipstick mark and thinking lust could be primordial enemy of men, which can destroy them.
He was appointed to handle the ‘honey trapping’ cases in Mumbai, but he became the victim of it.
It was not long ago, when he met Simran. They got connected through facebook, they became friends, and started meeting daily. One day after a date they went to her room, they had a pretty good time by exploring each other bodies. He thought it would be a nice one night stand but now it was costing him 1 crore rupees.
He took out his licences pistol, put that on his temple. Tears were outpouring from his eyes. The thought of his family made him debilitated, he flipped gun on his side seat. He couldn’t end his life as it would affect his family. He couldn’t even file case against her as it would destroy his whole life, his wife would divorce him, and his parents would lose their respect in the society. He had to gave her 1 crore rupees, he had no option left. He was trapped.

Simran parked her car inside one of the costliest building in Mumbai, she owned two flat here. She went into lift, pressed floor 6 button, and went inside flat no 601.
She used flat 602 as her resident and flat no. 601 as her office. She had team of 12 people, 10 of them were girls. Simran personally trained all of them and made them proficient in work. They were beauty with brain.
Simran was generating good revenue through this business; she also had good contacts that save her from getting punished.
Simran didn’t belong to Mumbai; she was born and brought up in Punjab. She ran same business there also, but something went wrong and she had to shift in Mumbai.  Simran was not her real name. She changed her whole identity and personality to survive in Mumbai. She started targeting police officers, then IAS and than Politician’s. She opened her office in the name of call centre and started hiring good looking girls; she gave them 50% of profit share.
Simran sat in her office, she was reviewing files. She hired two boys, who do data research and deep study about their new targets and then shortlisted 20 people.
Simran had policy of changing target in every 3 months. They spent only 3 months and after that started blackmailing them.
Simran reviewed the file, shortlisted 5 new target, she handed over the file to the boy and ordered them to do more research on them.
She checked other files.
“They don’t even have ethics,” she said to herself “They should value time.” she was frustrated as her target missed monthly instalment. She opened a page of her target.
Name- Manoj Shukla
Age – 56
Work- politician
Due payment- 40 lacs rupees.  
“How can I trust a politician,” she said to herself and dialled his number.
“Hello, Shuklaji.” She said.
“Hello?” he said.
“How you have been?” She said.
“Who! I am your lover Shuklaji.”
Shuklaji took a long pause before replying.
“Simran?” he said “why you called me?”
“You missed your last instalment, Shuklaji.” She said “don’t ruin our good relationship.”
“Please give me some time.”
“Sure Shuklaji, I give you 1 hour.”
“More time please.”
“It’s upto you Shuklaji, otherwise your fellow party member would know what you think about them.” She said “It would be lurid news ‘Manoj shukla fired from his party’.”
“You are a...” Shuklaji tried to say.
“Ya, ya I know, just keep quiet, otherwise your wife will also know about your desires.” She chuckled “You are trapped.”
Shuklaji deposited money within 30 minutes.
In the evening she called for staff meeting. She discussed about their new targets and she assigned them to the right person. She kept the risky one for herself.
“What about me Ma’am?” she asked.
“What is your name?”  Simran asked.
“Sikha, I joined you 6 months ago.”
“Okay join Adiba, she will train you.” Simran said.
Adiba was a tall and beautiful, 25 years old woman. She joined Simran 5 years ago, in order to fulfil her dream of luxurious life.
“Ma’am!” Sikha said “I want to join you.”
“Me,” she smiled “My target is always hard and risky.”
“That’s why I want to join you.” Sikha said.
Simran looked at Sikha. Sikha eyes were as ambitious as Simran’s. Simran glanced over her body, Sikha’s figure was not juicy and curvy like other girls, but she had a sweet voice, sweet enough to melt anyone, and in addition of that her face had the entire essential feature that made her pretty and beautiful. 
Simran agreed to teach Sikha.  Simran also wanted a new face as hers was overexposed.
Simran handed over the page of their new target.
Name- Aayush
Age- 31 years
Work- business man
Annual income- 100cr. rs.
 Simran asked Sikha to open Aayush’s social media accounts and start studying about him. Although require details were already available but she still wanted to teach Sikha from basic. Sikha followed every order of Simran; she studied his facebook and instagram about, noted down a few details about him.
Aayush was a playboy, he like spending money on girls and luxuries cars, he like clubbing and went to almost every club of Mumbai. There was a lead that Sikha found that every Saturday he went to same club with same friends group. Sikha searched his friend’s profile also, and got connected to  2 of his friends.
She visited same club for a week, she winked at one of his friend and soon they came into relationship.
“She is hot!” Aayush said, as she entered in to club with one of his friend.
“Yeah man! Dam hot, her hands feel like burning coals on the body.” He smiled.
Aayush got attracted to her, he contacted her through instagram. He told her about his luxurious life, his cars, and his foreign visits. He tried every possible thing to allure her.
Sikha followed Simran’s advice, she initially acted like she didn’t want him, after few days she started showing interest, and after a week they were talking for hours. At the end of the month Aayush entered into the same club with Sikha as his girlfriend. He was showing off about his skills to impress girls.
Sikha chuckled as she remembered Simran’s thoughts on men.
He ordered vodka for them. He was touching her upper hips. She moved her finger on Aayush’s face, kissed him on right cheek.
“I really am not easy to get,” she whispered.
Aayush felt every word moved like current into his body, he smiled and saw Sikha leaving the bar. She was not drunk as she didn’t touch her vodka.
Sikha texted Simran about the update and told her how she skipped vodka trick.
‘Get a gift from him,’ Simran texted.
  After two days, she entered with a Gucci bag, gifted by Aayush. Simran was impressed Sikha’s progress. She was a quick leaner and a daring person. She was matching every aspects of Simran’s demand.
“If you get that project done, I will make you my assistant.” Simran said.
Simran eagerly wanted to quit this business, she wanted to get retire and do work through which could regain self-respect.
Sikha played with Aayush for one more month. They went to many places and bars; he showered many gifts on her. They shared lip kiss on Aayush’s yacht. Sikha never allowed him to go beyond lip kiss.
Sikha was now ready to do anything with Aayush as she teased him enough. Simran prepared her with the entire essential items; there was camera on her necklace, on her bag, and one on her jeans button.
 Simran drove with her to Aayush’s home.
“I will wait for you here,” Simran said.
“Thanks!” Sikha smiled.
“Take this for safety,” Simran said while giving her a bottle of pepper spray “call me if any problem occurs.”
It’s been 30 minutes since she went inside the house, there were no moments in cameras; they were all still and dark. 
Simran lit up a cigarette, and sat in the bonnet of her car, she was worried about Sikha. Aayush’s reputation was not at all good about girls as he beaten 2 girls so harsh that they died of internal bleeding, and there was rumours also that he killed his business partner to get control of business.    
‘Help’ she received a text.
She took a gun from back seat and ran towards the house. She slowly entered through ajar door to get a view about situation.
Hall was dark, except a lamp light which was showing portrait of someone.
“Are you alright?” Simran asked.
“No!” Sikha said.
Sikha was sitting on the sofa.
“Do you know him?” Sikha asked, pointing at the portrait on her back side.
Simran looked at the portrait, trying to remember the face but failed.
“No,” Simran said “let’s just get out of here.”
“He was an IAS officer, very intelligent and very hard working, everyone had hope from him, but he died in young age sorry he was murdered at young age.” Sikha said.
“It’s okay, we have nothing to do with him.” Simran said
“We have, I am his widow and you are his murderer,” Sikha said, “You accused him in false rape case and he committed suicide because of that.”
Simran was stunned to hear that. A baseball bat stroked on her hand and her gun fell ahead of him.
Sikha jumped from table to strike an elbow on Simran’s face. She jolted down Simran. She started punching on Simran’s face. 
Simran quickly gathered her conscious, gripped Sikha form waist and shoved her from above herself. She punched on Sikha’s nose, and kicked multiple times on her stomach. Sikha was lying on floor with bleeding nose; Simran was hurriedly looking for her gun.
Simran found her gun beneath the single sofa, she pointed that on Sikha.
“You will meet your husband soon!” she yelled.
“Not now!” Sikha smiled in pain.
She sprayed pepper spray in Simran’s eyes. Sikha hit on Simran’s head with the flower vase.
Simran found herself in a room, tied with rope on the wooden chair. She was wet from head to toe. Sikha was sitting in front of her smiling. Simran sniffed around her, for her relief it was not petrol, it was water.
“We were happy and newly married couples,” Sikha said, “We were planning to buy a new house, when you entered in our life and destroyed everything.”
“Sorry!” Simran whispered, “Please let me go.”
Sikha strode towards her and slapped her hard.
“You want to free from this rope,” Sikha said.
Simran nodded in tears, her nose was punctured.
“I will even free your soul from body, don’t worry!” Sikha said.
“It was not my fault, I asked him money to take down the case,” Simran said “He didn’t agree on that, please show some mercy on me.”
“You want mercy now!” Sikha screamed, she punched on Simran’s nose.
“Yes, please! Take how much money you want, but let me go.” Simran said.
“Money!” Sikha said, “Take down all your fake cases and apologise in public.”
 After thinking about a minute Simran said yes to that condition.
“Okay! I will let you go,” Sikha said “but not today.”
Sikha threw a ball of sodium, which after coming in contact with water, exploded. It caused fire and Simran burned alive in that. 

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