Dealing with depression..

Dealing with depression..


After a long time I met my close friend. We started our conversation. I was talking to him and was shocked to hear his views. He was so frustrated and I could feel it while talking to him. He was not at his own comfort. After hearing to him, I could understand he is in severe depression.  I could  not understand the reason of his depression and he was also trying to hide it from me. I was totally shocked to see his overall appearance. Few years back he was a very cheerful person who was making everyone happy. And when I realized that he is in depression that time I couldn't trust myself. I started make him speak...  and finally he spoke.. As a  close friend, I tried finding the reason behind his depression and came to know, too much stress at workplace and few failures in work and home pushed him in the valley of deep depression.  These were the main cause of his depression. His faith in God was demolishing. Obviously, many might not belive in god but there is some power which is running everything. And it can't be denied. but unfortunately, my friend had stopped praying. Or showing gratitude towards the supreme power. His faint in himself was vanishing. That time I felt the need of helping my close friend. I decided to help him in coming out of his depression


It's seen commonly that when stress cannot be controlled it can lead to severe depression. Stress at the workplace and at home and constant failures are common factors which can lead to depression. I just wanted to make him feel good and wanted to take him out of his depression. I decided that I would meet him every day and will talk with him for few hours. While talking with him, I realized he was continuously comparing himself with others. So he was becoming more and more depressed by seeing his colleagues success. I decided few things which would help him in coming out of his depression.


Depression is a normal thing that happens with most of the people. But to be in that state or to move forward is everyone's own lookout.  So the main thing was to make him accept that he is in depression. 1st thing I had to point out towards him was making him aware that he was suffering from depression.  In the beginning he was not ready to accept the fact that he is depressed. But the moment he accepted the fact, he was ready to do all the efforts that will help him to come out of the depression.


Depression results in changes in sleep, appetite, energy level, concentration, daily behaviour or self-esteem. Depression can also be associated with thoughts of suicide. Which I could clearly see in him. I wanted him to come out of this bad phase and so I told him few things which I had done when I was suffering with depression. Depression is a  common thing but how we deal with it plays very important role. If we try to change the routine and thinking process, its easy to come out of -ve thoughts. By following those things he successfully came out of his depression and now he also is helping everyone to deal with the depression. Depression is just a bad phase which has to be dealt cautiously. I told him few things which had helped me throughout my bad phase... and I was sure, that these things will help him to come out of depression and he starts looking towards life positively.  The presence of God is to be felt every moment then only we can live a joyous life. Few things if added in lif, can change the life in a miraculous way.


1. Start day in nature-

A bible verse which I recently read and it became my favorite verse- "Nature is one of God's beautiful creations. Through nature, God is able to teach us, speak to us, and provide for us. For this reason, we can find in scripture that we humans are called to protect all which is of He has created. " When we start our day in nature, it is equivalent to remembering God.. When we go in nature, we understand few things. There is a realization. We sart trusting,  we also are one of God's creation and we start being grateful towards God which has given our life. In a busy routine, we forget to be in the nature which is the best creation of the God and that makes life misearable... Instead if we spend some time in nature, we get to know importance of our lives too. And if we start out day looking at nature, we get positive vibes which in turn helps us to live a joyous life.


2. Stop comparison with anybody-

When you compare ourselves with anybody, most of the times you start feeling low. You should be clear that everybody's life is a different life and it cannot be compared. Everyone is unique. Nature never compares anything.  Everything is unique in nature. God has made everybody unique . A rose never feels, why I am not hibiscus nor hibiscus thinks why I am not rose. Everything and everyone is equal from eyes of God. You are God's favorite child is to be remembered continuously.  So that is the important point to keep in mind always. Always be in tune with the nature. Comparison kills everyone.. So instead of comparing with anybody else see to it that you are giving your 100 %.


3. Share your feeling with someone-

When we repress anything inside ourselves, we are unable to come out of any bad thing. Bad thoughts keep flashing on the screen of mind and which is hazardous. A simple way to keep the mind clean is to share the feelings with somebody close or sharing the feelings with God. Your well wishers always help  you to live a joyous life but for that you should talk everything freely with someone.  And make sure you would get some way to manage your problems.  If nobody wants to listen to you, it's a good idea to share your feeling with God..  or even you can choose writing in a diary. God is always behind everyone and if you seek his help, he surely will give you a solution. Keep faith in God.. It is very important in life.


4.  Failure is the key to success-

The main reason for my friends depression was failure. The most important thing is, when God closes one door, he opens 100 more doors. Only we never see the new doors which are opened by God!  And the same thing happens with most of us. We cannot see failure in a positive way and that pushes us more deep in to the depression. The fact is that, Everyone has to face failure now or then. But Failure is not the end of life. It is an external event that happens.  And many a times can't be avoided. But on the contrary, if we take failure as positive it surely will help us in avoiding the past mistakes in life and live a successful life! When we face the failure, nobody can pull us back from being successful. Our views in life are very important. If your thoughts are positive, as a result you will get positive results. So never feel bad due to failures. Instead, look at every failure as an opportunity. You always grow high after passing the failure. Never feel as a loser.. always learn from the failures to become more successful.


5. Regular exercise-

If you want a healthy mind, your body should be healthy. In the same way, healthy mind gives healthy body. Means, body and mind go hand in hand. So we cannot ignore any part if we want to overcome the depression. But for regular exercise you should have a motivation.  Your workouts can give you peace of mind.. Few hrs if your mind is thoughtless, you become cheerful.  If you are too busy in your routine, you can pray while you walk or jog! You can meditate while you swim or you can simply put yourself in God’s presence. There are so many possibilities by which you can be with yourself and God.. The possibilities are endless only you have to keep your heart open to feel the inner voice!!


My friend tried these few methods. And a magic happened..he started coming out of his depression without any medication. He was free from -ve thoughts. The most important thing was his faith in God was doubled and then he started trusting himself too. As a result, he started getting all the success in all the areas. Even failures couldn't stop him. Now he never forgets God's presence around him and trust in himself. So now living his life successfully with all the happiness.





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