The Vikramaditya Secret - Chapter 10




The last rites of Mahaveer Shah was held and almost entire business circle of the city were present.


Everyone was feeling the great sorrow as they have lost their business leader and mentor.


The Cheif Minister of the state has also paid the quick visit to the ceremony. He was escorted by the Police Commisioner Ashok Sharma.


Chirag Gandhi and his father Hasmukh Gandhi were also present. They have kep t their faces neutral.The duo of Yuvraj Sinh Khuman and his deputy Devu Bha were also there.


Proffesor Dev Raval was there with the college's dean and other teaching staff. In addition the large group of students was also there.


Though she has lost her entire world , Poorva was looked tough from the outside. She was meeting with the each and every guests who where presented at the ceremony. Now only she was the last remain of Shah family.


Soon the ceremony place has been empty. All the people have went and left the Poorva alone.


She went to her home and burst in to the tears.




Kalpesh Gandhi has now tore his entire jacket. His branded jacket is now the just pieces of the leathers.


But he could not found what he was looking for. 


Earlier his father Hasmukh Gandhi and his younger brother Chirag Gandhi has asked him about his confrontation with Mahaveer Shah and he told them that he had managed to take away the prize.


" Where is the prize than ? " He heard his father was asking him. 


" Secured inside my Jacket " He reverted with the pride in his voice.


He was sure that this time his efforts would be appreciated. He went upstairs to bring the jacket. He was carrying the jacket like a trophy.


He started to bring the prize out from his jacket but he was shocked to know that his jacket did not contain what he was looking for.


" You are still that same useless individual " He heard the curse from his father.


When he was alone he tore his jacket with agony. He made his jacket almost in the pieces but his prize was lost.


" Am I really a useless individual ? " He really started to wonder about himself.




" Bapu , you need to leave the city. Go to some isolated place and stay there since the situation is under control " Devu Bha gave firm advice to his Yuvraj Sinh Khuman.


" But Why ? Devu Bha. Our where about are not traceable by any one in the police  department" He asked to his deputy.


" Correct Bapu. " Devu Bha hesitated " But.. " 


" What But ? Devu Bha ? " Yuvraj Sinh asked again.


" Its about Inspector Nishant Shukla "  Devu Bha waited and continued " He is the best. He is the bloody best. He might catch us soon " 


The sense of fear arouse inside the body of Yuvraj Sinh Khuman. 


The fear of getting caught for the murder of Mahaveer Shah.


To be Continue…




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