The Vikramaditya Secret - Chapter 8



The strange man reached at his bunglow.

He saw his dad seating on the sofa. His face looked tensed and alarming. He just node his head.

" Where is Chirag ? " He asked to his dad.

" Coming " He received one word answer from his father.

He shook his head. The slight pain of grief felt in his heart by the rude behaviour of his father.

It was the routine. Though he was the elder son of his father, he was not getting the appropriate reception from neither from his father nor his younger brother.

" What has been my fault ? " He often asks to him self but could not found any answers from his insights.

Once he gathered his courage and asked the same question to his dad directly. 

" I had many expections from you but you have let down me in each of all those occassions " His father answered im one sentence.

" But what were those occassions ? " He wanted to clarify but he could not.


Yuvrajsinh Khuman directly went to the bathroom and locked himself inside. 

His deputy sat on the edge of his master's king side bed. He too was tired due to all the unexpected set of events that occured in the quick successions.

He heared the sound of vomiting and heavy coughing coming  inside the bathroom.

" Bapu , are you OK ? " He asked with the genuien concern.

He received no answer from his master. He asked again loudly but still he did not get any revert. 

He stood and reached at the door of the bathroom.

" Bapu , do you need anything ? What has happened to you ? " He almost screamed.

Yuvraj Sinh has heared his deputy's concern but he was not in the good mental and physical state to answer all his queries.

His mind was still occupied by thlose unfortunate series of incidents which were still hammering in his mind. It seems that his mind has suddenly become much heaviour. 

The impact of that hammering was such strong that eventully his nervous senses has given up and he fainted.


The ambulance took the corpse of Mahaveer Shah to the postmoterm center. Where the expert will do the autopsy of the dead body. 

The entire floor has been sealed by yellow fences. Infact the entite tower was cordened of the Imperia Heights where Shah Exim was located.

The death of Mahaveer Shah has spreaded like the forest fire. People from city's business circle were started to gather at the Imperial Heights. 

The police constables were finding it difficult to prevent the media persons and other people to enter the building premise.

One police gypsy van quickly entered in the building complx and commisioner the police Mr. Ashok Sharma emerged from the vehicle.

Seeing the the head of the police department has arrived all the medial personals run towards him. They greeted him with the bombaring of questions.

In responce the head of the police department said " Stil the case in the primary stage and we are not in the position of finding any conclusions.... " 

The speech of the commisioner has neen inturrpted by one crazy reporter " What else you can say ? Mr. Commissioner ? "

Instread of the police commisioner , one firm and confident voice came " We could say anything but we are holding our cards from the you people " 

He was Inspector Nishant Shukla the incharge of the Mahaveer Shah's case.



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