Endless Voyage - Part - 26

Endless Voyage

Rise and fall of humanity


pradipkumar raol


prakash vaidya

Part - 26

US president was saying, ‘we have lost connection with the space craft, this has created a whole set of new problems. Now, how will we find out about the reason of our main worry? The space mission was our last hope!!’

Meanwhile IERS’s chief Mr. Billy entered. He had a large envelope with him, which he put before the President forgetting any protocol if it ever existed under such circumstances.

‘Yes, Billy what happened? What is this?’

‘Sir, we have got something unusual from the space and it is about our space craft’

‘Spacecraft!?’ everybody spoke aloud with maximum amount of anxiousness.

‘Yeah, you may open the envelope please.’

President opened the cover and started looking at the photographs. ‘They are satellite images sent by space station,’ Mr. Billy added, proud that he was at least able to throw some light on the present crisis.

‘What are these?’ The US President questioned, unable to make out the significance of the images.

Others also started looking keenly at the images, but actually they were also in the same boat as the President. Photographs were that of recently sent spacecraft. Around it there were different forms in different colors and shapes; square, circular, elliptical, pentagon, hexagon, and some in very irregular shapes.

‘Billy, say something, I don’t understand,’ president showed impatience.

‘Sir, we can’t make out how this happened and why these shapes have encircled our Spacecraft just like an octopus.’

‘Is this an artist’s imagination, or a cruel joke? Are you sure about its authenticity Mr. Billy?’ President now lost his temper, and his voice was very stern and sarcastic.

‘I think it might be some aliens… Canada’s prime minister’s guess was not to be completed. There was a tremendous jerk in the hall as if earthquake had happened. Everyone was terrified. A loud voice came.

‘No. no. we are not aliens, mind well, all of you, Never ever think in that direction. We are your ancestors however different we may seem to you. We stay in the different galaxy. We are universal consciousness and roam around in the form of light shapes as a light. You may not be in a great worry but we have much concern for you.’

The suddenness of this occurrence startled everybody. They were wary. Who must have said this and from where? These were the two prime questions whose answers they needed very much, at that time.

Then they saw on the screens, different colors just like a rainbow, slowly they were merging with each other and made a big round shape. From the centre of which emerged a point which slowly grew bigger and bigger and slowly it took shape of a Rushi (Indian sage).

When the shape got steadied American President asked cautiously because such circumstance was more than unusual. ‘Hello, who are you, friend or a foe?’

‘We are your well-wishers’ Came the unflinching reply.

‘You want to talk with us?’

‘Yes, rather you would be more anxious to do so’

‘Are you our well-wisher? What is the proof of it?’ Russian leader said apprehensively.

‘This is the proof.’ Soon their astronauts came on to the various screens of NASA. They were looking as fresh as ever.

As the US president saw them, he said ‘How are you all? When are you coming back? Is there any problem? We are all worried here.’

‘No problem here, we are quite alright, Mr. President.’

‘Good! Very good!! I now feel relaxed a bit,’ President said.

‘We are in a different kind of world and it is a very advanced world,’ Captain Morrison said.

‘Do you say this under anybody’s influence?’ Russian defense minister showed doubt.

Hearing this Vladimir said with a bit of amusement, ‘Sir, all such elements are there in our world, here only love exist’

Morrison added to it, ‘We have come to know that their advancement is based on Indian culture and ancient Vedic knowledge. They have developed Indian yoga and science of mantras to its zenith.’

Hearing this all looked at Indian representative with awe and admiration. President once again repeated the question, ‘When will you come back? We are very concerned about you. What about earth’s rotational speed which is the most urgent concern for us here?’

Russia also interjected, ‘Why this catastrophe happened? Did you come to find out who was responsible for this?

The reply didn’t come from the astronauts but it came from the aliens. ‘We have put obstruction in the spinning of earth, do you know why? Let me straight away come to the point, because you mankind are on the path of self-destruction. You are gradually becoming enemy for your generations next and nature. Let me show you some glimpses of your harmful activities.’

Then it was all presented on the different screens in the hall. Showing how human beings had behaved like delinquent juveniles in the name of making technological advancement. The main scenes depicted were that of:

Nuclear explosions by men destroyed many lives and created disturbances in the womb of the earth; Destruction of jungles and wild life by constructing sky reaching buildings, industries, roads, dams; Heavy damages to the environment, creation of imbalance in weather, destruction of marine life by oil spillage; To increase power and territories engagement in bloody wars as a result killing millions of people. Brutal colonization, Revenge, cheating, murder, looting, corruption, lack of discipline, killing of animals for personal consumption and pleasure.….

In the central hall of NASA, on numerous wide screens when these events were relayed one by one, all of them were moved. They felt really ashamed at mankind’s dark tales, soiled with blood and greed.

Then, abruptly all screens went blank, followed by a thick stern voice which could be heard in the entire hall.

‘Is this all in compliance and in harmony with the Mother Nature? When the nature feels suffocation it releases destructive energy. All those who understand this and try to raise their voice by protests are crushed with brutal force and made silent.

The nature is tender like a flower, but your eyes are blinded by the curtains of hypocrisy and ego. You became more and more materialistic and violent and started covering your nakedness by constructing big museums, tall buildings and luxurious items. This proves that in this whole world there is no other animal more incorrigible than you. You must develop an attitude of emotional attachment with nature.’

US President said, ‘We agree to what you have pointed out, we are culprits of the nature, but we are ready to sacrifice if our earth can be saved.’

Voice: You don’t have the will and honest intentions

President: What is the solution?

Voice: Now it is beyond anybody’s power. In all living beings basic instincts were activated from the beginning of the time so that life propagated and a complex life form like human arrived on the earth but it so happened that you became the slave of basic instincts, instead of becoming the master of the universe.

President: Can you elaborate on the feelings of Basic Instincts?

Voice: Have you studied Evolutionary Psychology?

President: No, I was a business tycoon before this; then I fought several elections, and finally got elected as the President…..

Voice: Hold on, hold on. Stick to the point. They are nothing but drives. For example, hunger, thirst, sleep, defense, attack and most importantly to procreate etc. etc. so that all the living beings can exist and complete the cycle of death and birth.

President: Okay, I understood, but where did we go wrong?

Voice: Till the evolution of ancient men it went alright. Many species have become extinct because of your atrocious behavior. But you mankind have crossed your limits.

President: If we change, become nice to all. I mean…

Voice: That is not possible, overnight. You have lost the path of right way a long ago. Much higher level energy took birth as human being on this earth and tried to guide you, but you could not understand their messages. You were deaf to their sermons and sayings.

President: What does that mean?

Voice: Such energies are always active and working toward betterment of humanity. To remind a few, Jesus Christ, Mohammad, Buddha, Mahavira, Kabir, Ashtavakra, Vivekananda, Nanak, Ram, Krishna….they all came to raise you to the highest level of progress. Buddha showed you the middle path; Mahavira taught you twelve kinds of ‘Tapas’ by which you can attain Nirvana. Christ taught you love and compassion and service. Krishna taught you karma yoga, right knowledge (Ghyan yoga), Bhakti (path of devotion). Mohammad taught you right way of living, nevertheless, you found out ways to fight and quarrel even from their great teachings.

President: Now what?

Voice: We want to change the rotational speed of earth and its distance from the sun.

President: How will that benefit us? What is the purpose?

Voice: When we make that change, this earth will become green everywhere. Seasons would become conducive and favorable. Cold, heat, rains everything would be in right quantity and regular also. You will get bumper crops every season. No extreme weather conditions, No hurricanes, typhoons etc. No more devastating earthquakes and hence no unwanted destruction.

Richard David: It feels nice to hear all these, but I fear that there would be population explosion of all kinds of living creatures including us, humans also. There would not be any place to even put our feet on the earth, what shall we do then?

Voice: You are right about your fears. You people will become prosperous, population will explode, on the other side, however, you will spread to other galaxies, but this will take time.

President: Actually, what are you saying I don’t understand and why you want to do all this?

Voice: Let me explain, seasons, rains, temperatures could be made regular and beneficial only if we slow down the rotational speed of the earth and take it further away from the sun. Of course, half of the population will die including many other life forms. But to gain something one has to lose something. As of now our experiment is ongoing and natural destruction is in progress, as you are experiencing right now. Everything will change, duration of years and days; atmosphere, seasons and all that.

Russia: If all countries become wealthy and prosperous there is nothing wrong in that.

Hearing this American President commented sarcastically, ‘It is very incredible that under such circumstances you can still think of communist ideology.’

Russian President did not like this and replied curtly, ‘this is not our idea or thoughts, but it came from aliens…. Sorry! Residents of other planet,’

The leader of France quickly saw that the situation may develop a bitter taste, so he intervened, ‘Please, be calm, and let us think for the emergency over our heads.’

Everybody got silent for a while. So leader of France raised a question to set the ball rolling, ‘kindly, would you care to explain why you got attracted, especially to our planet?’

‘Oh, yes, very well asked, and it is a very important issue that you have raised; well to tell you from the beginning, when we were on our usual tour of the universe, we found a very attractive strong signal and we followed it because the kind of energy we wanted was indicated by that signal. When we came near, we found that it was from your planet earth. However when we analyzed this energy, its future seemed very dark; in fact there was no future. We were deeply shocked and felt very sorry that such a positive force is on the path of self-destruction. We feared that our dream won’t be fulfilled; our task would remain uncompleted.’

‘Which dream? What task are you talking about?’ NASA’s chief administration asked quite anxiously.

The Rushi replied, ‘It will be difficult to make you understand but I will try to explain. At present we are gathering high level of energies from the universe and consolidating the same for creating possibility of next “Big-Bang” because, this universe is expanding constantly; galaxies are moving away from each other, making the universe very cold and without any warmth, even this sun would die soon. However, you will all die much, much before that happens. Hence, we have, luckily for you, arrived just right in time. Of course, we can detect the quality of energy from very far but the distances in the universe are so great and unreachable that even for us it is difficult if not impossible to travel across the galaxies. It takes a great deal of time. The signal brought us near to you. Life was created on this earth not simply by coincidence or an accident. The creator wanted this planet to be different from others. And of course, it became much like that but to his utter disliking.

‘You are right and saying truthful things, which we accept, but is there any specific time period as to keeping this earth slow like this? How long will this continue? Actually what do you expect from us?’ the US President asked pleadingly.

‘We are very clear, the earth’s rotation will also be made regular but it could be conditional. Before that you must think over some issues; for example we would want some region of your earth and some human energy of high quality to increase it and spread over new planets.’ The voice replied.

‘Why? Vice President was shocked to hear this atrocious demand.

The voice replied, ‘By taking inspiration and guidance from the creator of this universe Indian Rushis developed a culture which can take human beings to the highest form of existence. We too benefited from this vast knowledge and wisdom and went away to other galaxies billions of light years away to enhance it more.

‘What do you expect from?’

‘Nothing, whatever is to be done it shall be done by us. We expect to get finest quality of energies from here and we will take them to higher stage and that would help us create new universe.’

Indian PM asked, ‘Why can’t you complete or begin that task here itself. You have the necessary knowledge.’

‘No, it can’t be done that way; it is against the law of nature for example you have created big holes in the protecting clouds of ozone in just last fifty years of your so called progress. Now, to undo the damage in its natural course it would need thousands of years. Here, all living being are made of five basic elements so they will not be able to escape from the cycle of life and death. Therefore, we would like to raise them to a level quite similar to us.

Our program would serve as a bridge between the known realm of earth, nature, society and the unknown world of divine beings, from the ephemeral and illusory to reality and eternity. And their energy will remain indestructible for many universes which will come into existence in the future.’

‘We understood your purpose, now would you care to explain specifically about your intention of making use of some parts of earth,’ President spoke apprehensively.

‘On your Earth there are regions of lakhs of kilometers which are useless and inhabitable, you know them as Antarctica. You hand over this region to us. No one shall enter it. If anyone enters its invisible boundary even by mistake he will perish. We also remind you that no kind of weaponry would show its effect in this area. If our all conditions are fulfilled, then we may think of making the earth rotate at its original speed.’

They were all too baffled to reply. Few minutes passed in a deadly silence. Then the UN Secretary General screwed up some courage and spoke, ‘Under the circumstances we can’t answer you in haste. We will have to call a meeting of General Assembly, discuss over your proposal and then…’

The Voice: Okay, then arrange for a meeting, discuss, but you don’t have any option. Hearing this UN Secretary General was taken aback, ‘Why there is no other option?’

The voice: Because of your mismanagement and habit of going to wars, in recent future you will bring upon the destruction of the earth. That we have seen. According to your standards we are living in 15031. So in 2067, which is our past and for you that will be a future, we were able to see that except for few bacteria all living beings were destroyed. That is why to save your kind and to salvage your future we have come back to our past, which is possible for us.

However, if you agree to cooperate, we would go ahead with our plan; the change in rotational speed of earth would prove very beneficial to you, but in the process millions of humans and other life forms will be lost.

Everyone was attentive but when it came to the loss of human lives they dreaded the thought of it.

President asked, ‘What will you gain out of this?’ his tone showed melancholy.

Voice: Well, we will take only a part of whatever your population is left.

Britain’s Prime Minister got worried over that and said, ‘then only about ¼ of population of mankind would survive.’

Voice: Yeah, roughly you can say so. Now listen to our three main proposals.

  • You will have to take an oath to save planet earth
  • We will have to continue this process in order to set things right and
  • Our need to take few thousand humans in our shelter.
  • President: If you come back into your past and see our future of 2067, according to which our destruction is imminent, then how can it be changed, I don’t agree!

    Voice: certainly, it can be done; future can also be changed if mistakes of presence can be corrected in time. With our program, the earth’s energy and resources will last for millions of years. Now you better get started. Think over these issues and I will soon be in touch with you people.

    When the voice stopped, screens also went blank. Ominous silence followed. American statesmen and other world leaders were distressed, perplexed and dazed by these demands and could not cast off the feeling that every moment brought them nearer and nearer to some dreadful end.