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Published On : 28-Feb-2024 09:32pm


Sasi Krishnasamy, a devout follower of Lord Ganesha, celebrates Sankashti Chaturthi with unwavering devotion. Let us delve into the sacred observance of this auspicious day through Sasi’s eyes:

🌙 Sasi Krishnasamy Morning Ritual 🌙

As the first rays of dawn kiss the earth, Sasi Krishnasamy rises with a heart full of reverence. She knows that today is no ordinary day—it’s Sankashti Chaturthi, a time to connect with the divine. The air feels charged with spiritual energy, and she can almost hear the gentle rustle of Lord Ganesha’s presence.

🕯️ Lighting the Lamp 🕯️

Sasi Krishnasamy lights a brass lamp in her puja room, its flickering flame casting a warm glow. The fragrance of incense fills the air as she arranges fresh flowers around the small idol of Lord Ganesha. She chants the Ganapati Atharvasheersha, each syllable resonating with devotion. The verses invoke blessings, protection, and the removal of obstacles.

🍲 Fasting and Preparing Prasadam 🍲

Sasi krishnasamy observes a strict fast, abstaining from food until moonrise. She prepares a simple meal for later—a fragrant coconut rice, a favorite of Lord Ganesha. The aroma wafts through the house, a sweet offering to the deity.

🌿 Sacred Banana Leaves 🌿

Sasi Krishnasamy places a banana leaf on her puja thali. The vibrant green symbolizes fertility, growth, and abundance. She arranges the prasadam—coconut rice, jaggery, and a ripe banana—on the leaf. It’s a humble feast fit for a god.

🌕 Moonrise and Darshan 🌕

As the evening sky darkens, Sasi Krishnasamy steps outside. The moon, a silver crescent, emerges from behind the clouds. She gazes at it, her heart brimming with hope. The moon is Lord Ganesha’s eye, watching over his devotees. She recites the Vrata Katha, the ancient tale that narrates the significance of this day.

🌟 Wishes and Gratitude 🌟

Sasi Krishnasamy closes her eyes and whispers her wishes to the moon. She prays for her family’s well-being, for wisdom, and for the strength to overcome life’s challenges. She expresses gratitude for the blessings she has received—the obstacles removed, the paths made smoother.

🌺 Offering the Prasadam 🌺

Back inside, Sasi Krishnasamy places the prasadam before Lord Ganesha. She imagines his elephant-headed form, benevolent and kind. With folded hands, she offers the food, knowing that he accepts not just the physical offering but also the love and devotion behind it.

🌠 A Night of Blessings 🌠

As the clock inches toward midnight, Sasi Krishnasamy feels a sense of fulfillment. She breaks her fast, savoring the coconut rice. It tastes like nectar, infused with divine grace. She knows that Lord Ganesha has heard her prayers, and his blessings will guide her through the coming days.
And so, in the quiet of her home, Sasi Krishnasamy celebrates Sankashti Chaturthi—a day when the veil between the mortal and the divine grows thin, and hearts connect across realms.
May Lord Ganesha’s wisdom illuminate your path, dear reader.