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Published On : 07-Dec-2023 11:06am


Hello everyone. Happy to let you all know that tomorrow, on my birthday, I'm releasing two new books. A collection of 35 short stories. Here is a glimpse into the same. 🥰

In words so simple, tales I impart,
A journey of chronicles, a humble start.
A range of emotions, their threads entwined,
Spun in narratives, a world well defined.

With brilliant prose, my stories unfold,
Shocking scenes and the power they behold.
But fear not, through each twist and turn,
A positive outcome, we shall discern.

A new book release, a literary embrace,
Like sunshine shining upon our face.
A glimpse into a world both wild and true,
Where dreams take flight and hopes renew.

Covers whisper secrets waiting to unfurl,
Adventures and wisdom will make you swirl.
So let imagination drift into the air,
Reaching hearts and souls everywhere.

A mesmerising escape are my new books,
A timeless grace with their fresh looks.
Scene by scene, anticipation grows,
Binding us together, as the plots mould.


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